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The new Bandcamp Vinyl Pressing Service streamlines the financing, production, and fulfillment of vinyl records. With no up-front investment, you can create a vinyl campaign and start taking orders almost immediately. Reach your goal, and we press your records and ship them to your fans.

Eliminates hassle.

We press your records, print your packaging, and ship to your fans (and fulfill digital too).

High quality.

Our manufacturing partners have extensive experience producing vinyl, ensuring your record will sound, and look, its very best.

Creative control.

Your record’s design, including vinyl colors, jacket style, and more, are all up to you.

Eliminates risk.

No out-of-pocket costs—your fans finance your pressing, you don’t.

Fully integrated into Bandcamp.

We automatically notify your fans when your campaign launches, and they can use their saved card and address when they pledge.


Bring an existing digital-only release to vinyl for the first time, re-press a sold-out record, or launch a vinyl campaign alongside a new digital album.

Here’s how it works:


Choose one of your Bandcamp releases.

Pick the release you want to press on vinyl.

    Image of album artwork

Design your record.

Select your tracklist and design your record, choosing options like vinyl color and jacket style.

Image of album artwork

Finalize your campaign goal.

That’s the amount Bandcamp needs to produce the minimum run of 250 records, plus the amount you need to cover your expenses (like vinyl mastering and packaging design).

production of 250 records
your expenses +

your campaign goal

Set up your pledge levels.

Your first pledge level includes a single copy of your record. By adding other, higher-priced pledge levels such as a record and signed test pressing, you’ll reach your goal with fewer pledges, make more profit, or both.


Launch your campaign.

We automatically notify your followers and provide tools to share your campaign on social media. You’ll have 30 days to reach your goal.



As soon as your campaign succeeds, just submit your masters and printer-ready art. Bandcamp coordinates the production of your records and ships them in high-quality packaging to your pledgers. We also handle any customer support issues that arise, such as replacements for damaged or defective records.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included?

Minimum pressing of 250 records

4 test pressings

All manufacturing costs for your record

Shipping and fulfillment to fans who pledge, including vinyl mailers

All payment processing costs and standard Bandcamp fees for all orders/pledges

Customer support and replacements for damaged records

Is a digital version of the release included in a fan’s pledge?

Yes. If your campaign succeeds, pledgers get your digital album along with the vinyl record. Fans can also choose to pay for your digital album at the time they pledge, giving them immediate access to your album regardless of whether your campaign succeeds or fails.

What if I get pledges for more than 250 records, or I want to press extras?

We’ll press as many records as there are orders, and if your campaign succeeds and you want to press extra records (to sell at your merch table, record stores, etc.), we can handle that too. We automatically apply a volume discount at 500 and 1000 units.

Will my vinyl campaign contribute to the ongoing destruction of the planet?

Yes. While vinyl’s carbon footprint is minuscule relative to most people’s daily activities, it’s still an amount greater than zero, and Bandcamp is committed to 100% carbon neutral operations. So we offset the emissions from the manufacturing and fulfillment of our vinyl pressing service by working with Atmosfair to develop and finance renewable energy projects.

When should I provide specially mastered audio?

You only need to provide audio mastered for vinyl after your campaign succeeds. While you have the option of using the same audio you’ve already uploaded to your album page, we strongly recommend supplying us with audio specifically mastered for vinyl. Bandcamp does not offer vinyl mastering services, so be sure to adjust your campaign goal to cover any mastering fees. (Again, masters are not needed until your campaign succeeds.)

How quickly will pledgers get their records?

From the time you launch your campaign to the time records are in pledgers’ hands is typically 4-5 months. Here’s how that breaks down: 30 days for your campaign, 80-90 days to manufacture and produce your records (closer to 80 if you get us your artwork and final audio as soon as your campaign succeeds), and another 10-20 days to pack them up, ship them out and get them to your fans.

4–5 months
  1. campaign runs
    30 days
  2. production of records
    80–90 days
  3. fulfillment
    10–20 days
  4. project complete
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