Bandcamp for Fans

Why sign up for a free Bandcamp fan account?

Unlimited mobile streaming Listen to your Bandcamp purchases via the free Bandcamp app for iOS & Android. Build queues and playlists for hours of curated, continuous listening.
Re-download past purchases Access to the high-quality download of all your purchases.
Bask in well-deserved prestige Your handsome mug appears on the sites of the artists you have supported.
Create a wishlist Easily keep track of the stuff you want.
Never miss a release Follow your favorite artists and be the first to know when they put out new music.
Discover amazing new music Your music feed shows you the activity of all the artists and fans you follow, and lets you listen to their picks and new releases instantly.
Share your impeccable taste You get a beautiful, customizable page that lets you share your Bandcamp music collection with the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I add music to my collection? Your collection consists of the music you’ve paid for on Bandcamp, plus the items you wishlist. So to add music, buy it, or click the wishlist button on any artist’s site (it’s the heart icon below the cover art).
  • Some of the music I’ve purchased via Bandcamp isn’t showing up in my collection. What do I do? You probably bought the music using a different email address. Adding another is easy: when you’re logged in to your account, click your profile pic icon on the far right of the menu bar at the top of your page and go to your settings. Under the “fan” tab you’ll see a link to add additional payment emails - purchases made under linked payment emails will display in your collection. Magic!
  • I already have a Bandcamp artist account, can I sign up for a fan account too? Yes. If you’d like your artist and fan account to be one and the same (so there’s no logging out of one and in to the other nonsense), make sure you’re logged in to your artist account, and then either a) go buy some music, or b) if you’ve already purchased music, click “Create your account,” above.
  • Can I make my collection private? You can hide any item within your collection by clicking the “hide” link that appears on the item when you hover over it, and you can make your wishlist private by selecting “private” from the dropdown menu to the right of your wishlist on your collection page.