Jobs at Bandcamp

So you’ve already read our about page? Perfect, then read on!

How we work

We’ve been a distributed company since our founding in 2008. Our team of 70+ people is sprinkled throughout the world, and we use a bunch of online collaboration tools to work together across time zones. We value the diversity of backgrounds and experiences that a distributed culture provides, and the flexibility and independence each of us has to set up our own work environments and schedules. We welcome/celebrate all manner of variance in ethnicity, race, culture, gender, and sexuality, and hope you’ll consider joining us!

What we offer

  • Work from anywhere. You can work for Bandcamp from wherever you want to be, so long as the wifi is strong and your schedule overlaps GMT-7 at least four hours each day. If co-working spaces are open in your area and you prefer that to your home, we cover the cost.
  • Flexible time off policy.
  • Family leave. We have common sense leave, so take what you need. If you’ve been at Bandcamp for a year, your leave is fully paid.
  • Matched charitable donations.
  • Health, vision, dental, 401k matching, and travel insurance, but these are country-specific, so let’s talk.

Current openings

All positions have been filled – thanks for your interest! Check back for future openings.

How we hire

Our hiring generally follows these steps:

Application review. We select candidates who fulfill the skills and experience outlined in the job description, and we aim to respond to everyone within two weeks.

Take-home task. You’ll get a take-home task that closely parallels the kind of work you’d be doing at Bandcamp. It’s a way for you to get a sense of Bandcamp, and for us to see how you work. We’ll get back to you within two weeks after receiving your take-home.

Initial video interview. The hiring team lead will meet with you and outline in advance what the conversation will cover. If that goes well, we’ll discuss salary expectations to make sure we’re in the same range.

Hiring team interviews. Three or four of us will interview you individually, using a mix of Slack and Zoom, and a set of questions we’ve prepared in advance. This might feel a bit more formal than some other kinds of interviews, but we do this in order to focus on how candidates fulfill the criteria for the position rather than on whether you and the interviewer might like the same bands or type of dessert. Our questions tend to focus on experiences you have had at recent or former workplaces, how you might approach a challenge we’re currently facing, and your familiarity with skills or tools needed for the work.

References. We talk to a few of your references.

Offer. If all goes well, we move directly to an offer. Some of our positions include a part-time trial for a few weeks. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know at the very start of the hiring process and we’ll work with your schedule. When we conduct trials, we offer them just to those people we’re enthusiastic about hiring, to give you and us time to assess what it’s like to work together.