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Jobs at Bandcamp

How We Work

There is no Bandcamp office. Our team is sprinkled throughout the world, with arms, cells, pods, what-have-yous in San Francisco, Brooklyn, Montreal, British Columbia, the British Isles, Los Angeles, the Carolinas, Pittsburgh, Vermont, Mexico City and Berlin. We get together all day and night on Slack, design and document everything on a wiki, do a short daily hangout that is exactly like the start of Hill Street Blues, and meet in person a few times a year for strategizing, working head-to-head, and laser bowling. If you do not have a strong social structure outside of work then employment at Bandcamp will likely lead to heart disease and an early death.

Customer Support

Bandcamp is looking for a clever, convivial individual to join our interdisciplinary, ultradedicated, unusually well loved support team. You are a superb and compassionate communicator, obsessively detail oriented, and possess a strong desire to get to the bottom of how things work (or why they don’t). You are willing to spend the majority of your day crafting helpful messages because you, like us, believe that customer support is not a necessary evil, but rather a critical business function as powerful as any product feature.

You will:

  • Use your expert knowledge of the site to field email inquiries from an amazing but not always 100% sober customer base of artists, labels, and fans.
  • Follow new project developments to stay several steps ahead of potential support issues.
  • Work closely with other teams to identify, report, and correct usability snags (and other surprises).
  • Hone our help docs and internal processes with the objective of putting yourself out of a job reducing the support team’s load.

About you:

  • Your writing is impeccable. Full stop.
  • You are familiar enough with HTML/CSS/JavaScript to know when opening your browser’s page inspector will be especially illuminating.
  • You are able to retain an enormous, ever-changing set of specific details, and live for the little blast of dopamine that comes from connecting the pieces.
  • Extra credit: in addition to your sublime control of the English language, you are also proficient in French or Japanese.
  • Extra extra credit: you are already a Bandcamp user (applicants with both Fan and Artist accounts are entitled to double drink tickets).

To apply, send a resume and writing samples (and/or a link to your blog) to the address given when you append the class obscure-movie-reference to this tag.

Label Ambassador (Australia, New Zealand)

Bandcamp is looking for a record label and artist ambassador for Australia, New Zealand, and surrounding territories.

About You:

You know labels and their sub-labels inside and out. You’re on top of emerging labels as well as heritage labels, and through your prior endeavors your contacts include a massive number of label folk. Your musical knowledge is vast, and while you might be the world’s biggest fan of dusty funk, rare grooves, and northern soul, cold-calling a sludge metal label wouldn’t faze you. You’re familiar with Bandcamp label accounts (ideally because you already use one), and you’re so enthusiastic about Bandcamp in general that you’ll talk in spirited tones to as many labels as you can about why they should be on the site.


  • Your top priority will be evangelizing Bandcamp to labels in your region. You’ll sign up labels you know, find labels you don’t know, build relationships, offer advice about Bandcamp, and attend the occasional conference or festival.
  • You will support and manage the labels that you’ve brought on board, as well as many who predate your arrival. You’ll notify them about new features, and encourage use of what we reluctantly call “best practices.”
  • You’ll collect feedback and information that we can share with the rest of the Bandcamp team, including our editorial crew (to ensure that great releases are getting the love they deserve) and product team (to provide ideas, feedback, request new features, and report bugs).

To apply, send a resume, cover letter, list of 5 Australasian labels that ought to be on Bandcamp, and one short (<100 word) paragraph about your all-time favorite label to: