Bandcamp for Labels

A Bandcamp label account gives you unified accounting and stats across all your artists, a single fulfillment interface for all your merch, the ability to direct payments on a per release basis, Pro-level status for all your artists, and a whole lot more.

Just $20 USD/month for up to 15 artists, $50 USD/month unlimited.

In addition to the many sublime features of our artist accounts, label accounts include:

Unified Accounting

Export machine-readable sales reports with custom date ranges and filter by artist. You can also add a catalog number to any digital release and an SKU to physical, and we’ll include them in your reports for easier bookkeeping.

Pro All Around

Every artist account within a label automatically gets Bandcamp Pro, so all your artists get batch upload, private streaming, ad-free video hosting, deeper stats, and more.

merch orders image merch orders image

Simplified Fulfillment

View all your merch orders in one interface, and filter by package type or artist for streamlined fulfillment. Easily print shipping labels or packing slips, and automatically email customers when an item is shipped, too.

Set Payments at the Release Level

Sign an artist who already has a Bandcamp account? You can direct payments on a per-release basis, so money for their independent records can continue going right to them, and payments for their releases on your label can go right to you.

A Lovely Artist Page

Looks great on mobile too. Drag and drop to customize the order, dial in your design, and make it your default tab if you wish. Fans can follow you right from there, and we'll automatically notify them of all your new releases.

unified stats image unified stats image

Unified Stats

View plays, sales and location data for all your artists, or easily drill down to a single artist or release. It's all in one place, no switching between accounts required.

Easily Convert Your Artist-That's-Really-A-Label Account

Already using a Bandcamp artist account as a label? No problem, we've bent over backwards to make the transition to bona fide label account as seamless as can be.

Amazing customer service

We understand that managing a label is complex. We're here to help, and we're constantly refining the service in response to your feedback.

“Bandcamp for labels is a goddamn dream come true! We can now seamlessly and uber-efficiently manage our entire roster of 80+ bands from one dashboard, plus analyze an unprecedented level of statistics, bulk upload releases, you name it. Truly an essential tool for the music industry in the 21st century.”
Bob Lugowe, Relapse Records
“Bandcamp is a great tool for labels & artists to bring their music directly to the fans. We were skeptical at first, since there are so many platforms claiming to do X, Y, and Z, but Bandcamp's become an important source of our revenue.”
Jamie Strong, Innovative Leisure
Photo: Tawni Bannister

Still wondering something? Check the Labels FAQ.