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Bandcamp is the best thing that's happened to music in the last 5 years. I find myself using Bandcamp almost exclusively as my website these days. Being able to set my own prices, and not those chosen by a corporate hive-mind, is great. The staff is helpful and responsive, and getting paid immediately via PayPal is soooo much better than waiting months for a check savagely slashed by 30%. It's always encouraging to see the Cha-Ching emails roll in, especially with how many people pay more than I ask for! Bandcamp has made it so much easier to make a living off of music, and I can't wait to see what new features lie in wait!
danny B

(from a fan writing to an artist)
Subject: Awesome
I heard of the Cuban Cowboys this morning on NPR and liked the music, so I listened to more at your site and loved it so much I bought two copies of your CD. I love rock and I love Cuban, Mexican, and Spanish music and find your music to be refreshingly excellent. Thank you for:

  1. Allowing me to listen to the whole CD before purchasing
  2. Giving me that many choices of downloadable music (I rip all my CDs to FLAC, so that is great), especially the open and non-drm formats
  3. Letting me download the music right away even though I opted to purchase the CD
  4. Making the whole site experience work perfectly in Linux

I don't write letters often for things like this, but I was so pleased with your site and music I had to let you know. I wish more musicians would distribute their music like you do. Keep making awesome music :) -Andrew

Subject: Just a fan!
Just wanted you guys to know that you are seriously a godsend for musicians trying to spread awareness of their music with dignity. I have made it my mission to personally recommend any and all bands/musicians I know to sign up for bandcamp accounts. I seriously can't say enough good things about the site. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

Subject: I love what you guys are doing
I discovered your site a couple weeks ago when Sufjan released the All Delighted People EP. At that time, I downloaded the EP without really thinking much about the website I was on; the process was very fluid and the site did a good job of facilitating my purchase without getting in the way. I discovered the site anew today while researching a small artist who, I learned, has a Bandcamp page. Impressed by the page design and especially the full-track streams, I did some poking around to figure out what exactly Bandcamp is. The conclusion I came to is that Bandcamp is nothing short of the future of digital music distribution.

You see, I spend a lot of money on music and I worry a lot about where that money goes. When I buy an album digitally on Amazon, how much of my money goes to Amazon, how much to the label, and how much actually reaches the artist? I always wonder. A few times I've simply thrown up my hands in frustration and decided that it's impossible to know which mode of purchase will most greatly benefit the artist, which is why I've settled on Amazon -- it's the most straightforward and seamless for me, the consumer. That said, Bandcamp blows Amazon out of the water. Hands down. No clunky downloader, no frustrating searches for the right artist, album, or song. Your artist page design is wonderful in its simplicity, and I completely agree with your philosophy about how important it is to allow customers to hear music before they buy it. I cannot think of any way that I could have a simpler or more satisfying experience as a customer. And most important is your transparency about the cut you take. I think the cut is a perfectly reasonable amount for the service you provide. It's not just reasonable, it's a great deal for the artist.

All this to say, I am overwhelmingly excited about what you guys are doing and I thank you for it. I will spread the word about Bandcamp and seek opportunities to support the site as a customer. Congratulations on the recent Billboard chart achievements; I'm sure they won't be the last ones. -Andrew Smith

Subject: Just thank you
I just wanted to write to say that I love you, you make my life better, your interface is fabulous for me and for my customers, and I hope that you live long and prosper. I talk about you to anyone who will listen, and I hope to start doing physical merch fulfillment with you soon because you're awesome. That's all.
Marian Call

Subject: Your website is AWESOME.
I went from having no account, to having WAV (!) uploaded, paypal setup, and a sweet looking page in like FIVE minutes. I am absolutely astounded at the level of features that you guys offer, how easy your site is to use, how good the pages look, etc, etc, etc. I am recommending your site to all my friends (several of whom are pretty well-known independent musicians). Keep up the great work!
The Weekdays

Bandcamp is simple, smart, easy-to-use and gives independent artists the next-to-free, worldwide distribution that they have always deserved.
Judgement Day

I wanted to send a quick thank you for all the amazing things you do. I still can't believe how ridiculously easy it is to make a great looking store that's user friendly and even full of personality. Some random people have found my band through your home page "here are some of the bands that use bandcamp" area and purchased our music on that click-thru. Wow!! Again, thank you thank you thank you and keep rocking it.
Your Friends,
Amy & Nick

I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE YOUR SERVICE. I have gotten about 6 other bands on it including PHANTASM, who are really kicking up dust in Philly right now. I just wanted to tell you all again I LOVE BANDCAMP I would gladly pay to use this service FOREVER! there is just no comparison to giving people a simple page to listen to and buy your music. There's no clutter, no ads, no fluff. Thanks again. I really could not have released my album the way I WANTED TO without Bandcamp.

I love it that the landing page IS the music, the albums themselves, because people click "Play" almost immediately when they see the button. Thank you for your service, it is seriously one of the coolest ever, the fact that it has no advertisements getting shoved down our listener's throats is also a huge plus. um, ok, no more to say, just heaps of praises!
Cristal Marie

(writing to a fan who inquired about his site)
Hey Tyson,
I'm glad to hear you're diggin the tunes :) But yea, I host through a template based site called bandcamp. They're absolutely amazing. While I took and formatted all the photography that fills the site layout, it's simply a set template, which with a little work, can be made to look rather sexy. Bandcamp, simply put, is the shit. It'll easily put your music into the hands of anyone who wants it.
Stay real,
Joe Hertler

I was just introduced to this site! This is AMAZING! Thank you so much for creating something like this! You guys make life so much easier for musicians to organize their band page, and make it look neat!

Subject: Amazing!
I just discovered Bandcamp today and I have to say it's a revelation. I don't have a band but I have been working in the music industry throughout latin america for over 10 years and I've spent the past hour sending my friends (who do have bands and are now mostly independent because of the recession) from Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico, Jamaica, Norway and the UK a link to your web page. I think YOU will be the answer to the recurrent question, which direction will the music industry take now?
All the best!

We're a little electronic duo still making a name for ourselves, but since our music is made with music software instead of real instruments, we've never had the means to afford the gear needed to play a live show. But with Bandcamp, we released 3 records last year and at 5 bucks a pop we were able to pull together enough dough to purchase gear to get things moving. It's enough freakin' work producing new material and promoting your band, but with Bandcamp selling and uploading our music has been one less thing to worry about! Now that we've got the gear, we were able to start developing a live show and give back to the fans by releasing a "pay what you want" 6-track EP. Bandcamp has been an amazing tool for promotion and revenue, and it's because of Bandcamp we've been able to focus on taking Starship Amazing to the next level. Thanks guys!
Starship Amazing

Subject: Features I would Like to See...None please!!!
No, seriously, you guys are doing it RIGHT; please don't fuck that up!

I'm not saying this just to heap gobs of praise on you for creating the greatest music hosting website i have ever tried; I am saying this in the hopes that you will CONTINUE to be the greatest music hosting site i have ever tried.


No really though, I am terrified that you will eventually give in to the same sort of disastrous "creature creep" that has destroyed so many other great websites. Stick with what you are doing; do NOT turn to the darkside!!! you are like the photobucket of music, but easier, simpler, and with less useless crap.

Just so i am absolutely clear on this, here are a few features that i definitely do NOT want to see on your website EVER:

listener comments: As an artist, my fans opinions of my music is very important to me; so when I want to know what my fans think of my music, i will check my website, myspace, email, or any of the thousand other ways that they can leave me their pointless feedback. I absolutely do NOT need a stupid comments page on bandcamp, which will ultimately become nothing more than a spam hole for every other great artist to leave their drooling ignorant copypasted praise in a sad effort to get me to listen to THEIR music. I enjoyed that great feature on soundclick, which is why i've switched to bandcamp. thank you.

Artist bio page: I'm sure all my potential fans are eager to know the names of my bandmembers, what equipment i use, etc etc... because reading all about my band will tell them sooo much more than just listening to the music. Again, i have a myspace for that, where i politely encourage all my potential fans to listen to my music.. through the bandcamp widget i've installed there. Because the myspace music player SUCKS.

Here's a quote from me that i hope you might use somewhere to promote your own site: "As an artist, Bandcamp gives me exactly the tools I need to distribute my music, without all the crap that i don't".

News, blog pages: please just don't. no really, I can blog on myspace, I can post concert schedules elsewhere, really. just don't bother, use that server space for MUSIC instead! if you really really want to add that sort of functionality, just give us a nice tidy space to add our own custom links to such pages elsewhere, but please, no more than that.

Seriously, the more you let us "customize" our pages, the more we will simply fuck them up! Take a look around myspace, tell me what rampant customization has done to the usability of THAT site! sure, there's still plenty of nicely ordered, well designed, easy to use profiles on there, but who wants to wade through all the other garbage profiles before they find one? myspace has just become one big, ugly JOKE; and that takes away the confidence a potential fan might have when deciding wether to click on a link to my profile there. If you let your own account holders screw up their own profiles on bandcamp, it will hurt the entire community. Right now, if i see a link to a band's page on bandcamp, i know that it will be an easily navigated portal to all of their music. I won't have to rely on that band's ability to create a decent page.

A link to bandcamp represents an excellent way to hear a band's music, without wading through a bunch of garbage, useless information, and horrible design.

Please for the love of the internets, keep it that way!
Stephen French

Your website is bloody fantastic. Simple, intuitive, no gamut of rubbish everywhere advertising nonsense, just a clean, simple and effective layout. The amount of options for downloads/sales/promotion is incredible. Sorry if you were expecting a whingy 'help me!' email, just wanted to express my affections, and say thanks for providing such an awesome service!
Simon Mather

I don't ever write in to things like this, but I have been waiting for a way to promote my music using a clean interface and not a bunch of nonsense features and your site was exactly what I was looking for. Keep up the great work, I appreciate my music's new home on the web!
Conor Hanrahan, aka. Chill The Ill Poet

I do not often bother to write emails of praise to people who I have never met, but I felt compelled to tell you that Bandcamp is utterly brilliant. In an age where everybody is talking about music in anxious business terms, you have managed to freshen the whole thing up. You've brought the spirit of the DIY ethic, fused it with University-level lecture material on current trends in the music industry, and provided a logical, smart interface for musical communion. In short, you've made it easy for new independent music to grow and continue to flourish. Bandcamp, I salute you!

At last, a website truly for recording artists that works flawlessly, AND is beautiful in its layout and presentation. I can't thank you enough. SUPERKUDOS!
Don Swanson

Subject: Wow!
I love the design and philosophy or your service. Bandcamp really is like a breath of fresh air. I love that the audio player resumes playback from the last position. I love the availability of lossless formats. I love the easy to set up payment system, the limited yet perfectly sufficient customization (design) possibilities and so much more about Bandcamp! I wish you all the best and hope that your service will rise to take the place it deserves!
Thank you and best wishes,

Subject: Thank you -- Bandcamp is fantastic
It's easier, faster, more reliable, less obnoxious, less restrictive, and just all around better than that "other place" where everyone used to put music. Thank you for making the world a better place.

Subject: I love you. Will you marry me?
I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you all for being so goddamn awesome. It has probably been about 10 years since I have purchased any music, but that changed yesterday when I ran across your site while searching for NiT GriT. I loved the fact that I could listen to entire tracks instead of 30 second sound clips. The only thing those are useful for is finding out if the music is complete garbage, because that's the only thing you can tell in that amount of time. I was also impressed that there was a full track available for free. The fact that Bandcamp is set up to support such flexible options for artists is great! Before purchasing anything I did a search to find out if NiT GriT was under an RIAA label, but luckily they were not, so I bought the album. I am so excited to find a place that gives such a great variety of file formats.

I hope this site does really well, and from what I have seen so far I think it will. The intelligent approach you take to music sales is something the majority of the market has yet to figure out. I love the humor throughout the site. From the FAQ to the pointless checkbox on the contact page (you made me check the source), you guys gave me some lulz. Anyway, I think you are very sexy and we should get married.

--Karl Mohler

I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love this site! It really simplifies the process of music distribution and helps me focus more on the artistic side of making music. I'm not sure if you guys get these types of emails all the time (you should), but in case you don't I just wanted to let you all know that people really do appreciate your site.
Ian Harvey

Subject: Thank you Bandcamp!
Hi, I just wanted to write and say how happy I am to have discovered the joys of Bandcamp! I've been looking for a good third party site to host our albums on for a long time now and your service was a revelation. Everything about it is superb - it's intuitive, elegant, and the built in Paypal functionality is perfect. Thanks again - I'm spreading the word to all the bands I know as we speak!
Best wishes,
Teddy Hesper, Le Chat Noir

Just a massive thank you for all your work with Bandcamp. It really is incredible, and I can't imagine life as an independent musician without it! The recent introduction of the option for physical releases was also great timing for me. We tried to do a similar thing last year for a pre-release and it took about a month and still didn't work very well. So thanks. The minute you guys realise you need to make some money some time and start charging for your services, I wouldn't mind a bit, I'll be first in line.
Dan Lyth

Your FAQ is the best thing I've read on the internet since at least this afternoon. I was hooked the moment Red Sparowes' download options called me a nerd for wanting FLAC, and I'm already a bit too excited by the prospect of selling 24 bit files (to myself, probably). In all seriousness, this *is* exciting. Bandcamp has the potential to give the music economy a decent platform to rebuild on. If it can reach the popularity tipping point and become the next Essential Place to Put Your Music, we might be saved from MySpace and iTunes after all. I wish world domination upon you.
Love, and some slightly sexual touching,
Rob Laban, ...And Stars Collide

Bandcamp is the best site for bands EVER! Thank you so much for creating such a perfect place to sell, share, and distribute music. I'm so glad there's finally a site like this.
Thank you!

I reckon you guys know what a special thing this site is, seeing how much time and effort you put in to it, but I feel compelled to remind you. Your attitudes towards music and the music biz today set a fine example for the up and coming artists who want to share and live off their art. If I had a top hat, a monocle, and a couple extra million dollars in capital, you would be the guys I would throw down with.
Thanks and good luck,
Scott Bartenhagen

I'd just like to compliment the creators of Bandcamp for making one of the best, most user-friendly, independently music based content management systems I've ever seen. I singed up as an artist about 6 weeks ago and have even been able to make a few sales of my debut EP! All the feedback from my listeners is positive and I'm grateful for the hard work and dedication it takes to put it all together. The ease and overall simplicity of the site is very much appreciated.
Best Regards,

Just wanted to tell you guys how much I love bandcamp. I've used it to post my band's music, but just recently started exploring all the other artists on there, and am blown away by all the talented artists! I've been so bored with music lately and have discovered so many mind blowing bands. Keep up the great work, I love the integrity that you've kept on the site by not being an intrusive presence, but still providing an amazing service to bands. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I would gladly pay a monthly fee to use the platform you've developed for music distribution.
Thanks again,
Paul Pettit

Men, Women, Great people at Bandcamp,
I just wanted to drop a quick line to say how much your website is a welcome addition to our music distro and finding new fans (more importantly getting our music out there). It looks great sounds great and is great for our music. I am also getting to listen to and discover new inspiring music!!! For one project I tried doing the filesharing thing on sites like megaupload and easyshare but it's so impersonal and has nothing to do with music. I wish you all the success in the future.
Viva Bandcamp!
David Garol band They Want Control

I just wanted to say thanks for everything. As a fairly new group of artists finally starting to plant our feet in our scene, we owe a lot of our success in spreading our name and music to Bandcamp. Using your services has awarded us with a much stronger foundation within our community that has allowed us to branch out, start touring, sell merchandise, and appear on the radio. Without Bandcamp I'm not sure how we would go about getting our music into the hands of the people that want/wanted it. Sure we could find a way through other means but as a band that primarily gives away their music for free, Bandcamp is essentially the only convenient way to accomplish such a task. So, with that being said, I'm sure you all are busy people with many more e-mails to read, phone calls to make, and bands to help so I will not take any of your time.
Thank-you for your time and keep up the good work!
Best regards,
Alex Hertz

Subject: Keep it up!
Came across your awesome site via Dub FX. Feels great to know there's still people exactly how I like them out there: humorous, bit nerdy, with eye for quality and details and the balls to put up their dream product because they believe in it and obviously have a lot of fun. Many thanks! I hope a huge amount of indie talent finds you and I'm sure they will, word spreading quickly. And hey, I wouldn't mind if you would make a lot of revenue, to be independent, pay your own salaries and work on more awesome improvements.

Subject: So I'm just in disbelief
at how unbelievably awesome bandcamp is. Thank you for existing.
Panda Thief

Subject: Just awesome!
Just letting you know that I've been using Bandcamp for months now and I LOVE IT! I'm always spreading the word to everyone I know about Bandcamp! :) And beginning next month, we are officialy gonna use the Bandcamp player at our website, which is awesome! Thanks very much for this!

Subject: Praise
Hi Bandcamp, I wanted to tell you I recently uploaded my album and I'm very impressed with the Bandcamp site and have been singing the praises of the services y'all provide. The design is intuitive and the results are professional. Good work!
Joel Abbott

Subject: Sincerest thanks from a composer
Hi! I just wanted to thank you for making Bandcamp such a great place for composers! I have decided to let my new album become an exclusive download on Bandcamp while the distributors snail-pace out my music on iTunes etc. Kindest regards and sincerest thanks,
Erik Ekholm

Subject: i love you
Have I told you that lately? Your site is just great! It just seems like you guys are pretty down to earth and that you really "get" the indie approach to sales and marketing for artists. I run a small Canadian indie-folk label (Other Songs Music Co.) with a group of mates and we are finding Bandcamp to be one of our key result areas. We have pretty much limited our web presence to a simple dot com for branding, Facebook pages for marketing, and Bandcamp for all our streaming and purchasing. Keep improving what you do and keep adding more features for artists (and especially labels)!
Scott Orr

Subject: Um, I love you Bandcamp?
Hello all good people at Bandcamp:
Last week I set up an account, uploaded all my music, redesigned my entire web site to match your layout, signed up for PayPal micropayments, and just generally got it all running, and I think I want to marry Bandcamp is how much I love it. Thank you!

I've been waiting for these features for a very long time (physical+digital, name-your-price options for the fans, clean design, great back end, seamless site integration -- so nice) (and I'll say it again, CLEAN DESIGN, finally!). After dealing with craptastic e-Junkie and various terrible WP plug-ins for a while I thought I'd have to learn Flash and Javascript and make this myself, but you did it. So thank you. Thank you. Because my Flash and Javascript would have sucked. Pass this around the office, please, and let the people know they have a fan over here in Tucson.
Chris Black

Just want to say, the dead rats have struggled on line for some time as we are a bit technophobic with regards to the Internet, and selling CD's online has never really happened for us before. Since finding bandcamp, well things just got so much easier, and we love your site!

You probably hear it all the time, but it is so easy to use, so direct, and uncomplicated that it allows us outsider weirdos to get our music heard without having to become corporate fascists or get ripped off by iTunes taking 40% of your sales!

Really appreciated! And to get this kind of personalised service.... Well bandcamp is now my favourite!
Dan Merrill

Subject: So excited!
Just wanted to drop you a line letting you guys know that i am SO FUCKING EXCITED about the physical album option you just added. I now have even less reason to procrastinate on finishing my EP. So thank you! It's awesome seeing you guys take the time to really make Bandcamp a worthy competitor to other self release services. Thank you again! You guys fucking ROCK!
Julian Sharifi

I couldn't love your service any more than I already do, it's absolutely brilliant! The new physical sales option is an epic winner.
Nick Moreton
Brave Or Invincible Records

Subject: Some words of appreciation
I wanted to thank all of you at Bandcamp for making my life easy. Your hosting solution is silly awesome! I pray that you soon start taking some money from the artists - because if you guys go down - my life is suddenly even more complicated than before :) Personally I would be willing to pay a handsome percentage of what I sell on your site - seeing that you host everything on your servers and provide such an easy GUI to compose a site to sell music. So please tell me you have a plan to conquer the world and make tons of money? I wish you all the best possible weekend; I am off to get drunk and tell everyone how amazing you guys are!
Klaus Lunde

I took down my own e-commerce system today and replaced it with yours because it's 1000 times better than anything in the music distribution/sales market. Just wanted to say, from an artist and a nerdo, NICE!
Peter Gross

This is the most innovative music page i have ever seen. It's simple, fast, clean and very easy to operate. Totally awesome. I've had so many problems with other band pages, where bookers write back and tell me they can't find a play button in the jungle of commercials, band ads, graphic flim-flam and idiotic comments. If you regard yourself as a serious musician, you like to present your music in a serious way, and your site gives bands an opportunity to do just that.
Sigurd Djurhuus

Subject: A Very Pleased Musician
Since March I've been releasing a song each month on bandcamp and I've been meaning to write and say Thank You. Every inch of the site is executed with wonderful common sense, and as a former major label artist it's a relief to be able to release my music with such control over the process. Best of luck in changing the way bands and their fans interact.
Dave Smallen

Subject: Just wanted to give you props
I have been looking and looking for YEARS for a site like bandcamp. I wanted to express my gratitude to the developers of such a simple, elegant website. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. Please don't change a thing, unless you're giving us more tools, which you seem to be doing. Did I read that we'll be able to upload album art in PDF now? You guys are my heroes. It's really kind of sad just how giddy I am about this website, but seriously, way to annihilate the competition. I applaud you.
Nathan Photos

Subject: WOW
I'm not part of a band, I've never written an entire song before, and yet I think I'm going to have to sign up for bandcamp due to the fact that IT'S SO AWESOME. Seriously, I think I'm going to have to teach one of my friends how to play bass just so I can put some music up on my (soon to be created) bandcamp account! I'm going to tell everyone i know about bandcamp. Thank you for doing things the right way.
Dustin Paluch

I just wanted to say thank you for making such a cool service. I've never seen anything like this, and after 20 minutes reading your mission statement and browsing the site, I know I'm going to be a lifelong user. Cheers to you, and thanks again.

Subject: Thank you guys so much!
This past weekend, my wife Melissa put on an opera about senate judiciary committee hearings. Last Thursday, Rachel Maddow figured that out and ran an amazing piece on our show, and linked to our website, where in my busy-ness doing lots of other stuff about the show, I was still hosting MP3s of the show locally. Luckily, the bar where we were watching the coverage from had wifi, and I was able to FTP into the site and in the heat of the moment, remembered the Bandcamp account Mel had created months earlier.

Throwing that widget up not only brought the site back out from under the strain of all that bandwidth, but made Melissa more money on her piece than her profs probably have made with all their work together :b In the days that followed, I re-discovered all the awesome stuff Bandcamp does, and I'm pretty sure there was more awesome stuff there than when I first looked. I can't stop raving to my music-related friends about your service. Too fucking cool, I don't know why I didn't just use your widget when we first put the recording together.

And I keep finding new stuff. Soundscan? Fascinating! Too bad I only entered our UPC this afternoon :b Anyway -- thanks so much, Bandcamp is amazing.
Matt Dunphy

Subject: Thank You!
I love your website. The aesthetic, the attitude, and the stats page! It feels good to know there are people making the internet a better place, you guys have thought of everything! I truly hope your website becomes the new standard for bands.
Gabe Liberti

Subject: thank you
I'm telling every single person in a band or remotely interested in music about your site. I honestly can't appreciate it more. It (or maybe somebody who steals the idea) is unquestionably the future of music. "Stores" will be just trusted music blogs of our choice that talk about music types we enjoy, and they'll link directly to each individual band's site with a purchasing option powered by bandcamp. What you offer might actually be one of the only things that allow me to be what I actually want to be. So this is more than just a "nice site" e-mail. You are potentially fueling my own damn happiness. Words can't express.

Subject: bandcamp is awesome!
I'm really loving it. You guys have created a service for musicians the way it should be created. I appreciate every feature on there along with the features you've left out for the sake of simplicity - VERY well done!!!!
Ronald Jenkees

Subject: the site is great
You guys have done something progressive, sexy, and honest. I have been and will continue to point people to your site because it's fantastic. I hope you guys find your niche and grow in success with it. Thanks for being the coolest hipsters on the net.

just wanted to say thanks so much for providing something so good for us musicians stuck out in a changing environment. i really can't fault your download service, and i can't wait for the addition of physical product which will make porting our whole shop over to you possible. your work is good, and we appreciate it. we are recommending you like crazy. blessings on your people, and all that.
Hobopop Productions

just wanted to say thanks for all of bandcamp's help so far with the release of our latest record...we really could have done it without you...but we are SO happy we didn't have to...seriously, your site has been GREAT to us...and I hope that we are turning more and more people onto the idea that indie bands like ourselves can "go it alone" and take a bit more control of their careers then they have been able to in the past...

just now 'discovered' the embed feature. I absolutely f*cking love you guys :D In the name of all that is holy, keep up the excellent work!

Subject: Cheers!
Thank you very much for your web site! You do a great job and are a BIG help for independent musicians. I have been waiting for such a service for many years and am very happy to be able to use Bandcamp now.
Thank you very much!
Ali N. Askin

Wow! I am so glad that I found Bandcamp. I've been searching for years now to find a good hosting site for my music. I tried ReverbNation, MySpace, and none of them have what Bandcamp has: simple yet sleek, and totally customizable. No flashy ads or crap like that. Straight to the point with the music. Keep up the great work! Your web site is a nerdy musicians dream.
Ben Fortier

Subject: Thank you for my first profit!
This is just an email of thanks as you have enabled a fan to purchase my music. This is a great feeling and it couldn't have been achieved without your hard work in creating a site which is so easy to set up! Not only that but it is so easy to keep track now of where people are discussing my music through your Buzz feature, and then reply and interact with them. You guys are great, keep up the brilliant work!
Many many many thanks,

Subject: Fantastic service
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with the quality of both the service and the delivered music files.
-Very smart and simple non-cluttered interface.
-Simple ordering with PayPal.
-Sound quality of Apple Lossless is just outstanding. I have never considered mp3 or any other lossy format good enough.
This is the way it should be done.
Thank you!
Magnus Näsmark

Subject: Really Impressed - Thank you!
I just wanted to express how pleased I am with your website and what it offers...After taking 20 minutes to create my account and upload a single track (art cover and all, looks nice and professional!), I had sold my first track!...I can't believe how simple and quick your website makes it to get your tracks 'out-there' but it really is that easy! A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the team there, its an amazing service you offer. Here's to a happy relationship :-)
Richard Teahan

Subject: Awesome!
Hey just writing to let you know again, how much I love bandcamp. write music, upload it, facebook it, twitter it, myspace it, people buy it, money straight in the account = awesome! it's all going really well, totally stoked thanks guys.

Wow. Just... wow. Your site is just phenomenal. I mean, whoever thought this up and got is working... is just brilliant. I don't know of any online hub which so precisely and comprehensively serves the needs of modern independent musicians as the internet increasingly becomes our main marketplace. You have created a monster... an absolute work of art... I am in awe.
With respect and love,
Me and the Grownups

Subject: A Song About Bandcamp
HOLY COW THANK YOU INFINITY! You did it. You created exactly what everyone has been waiting for. It's perfect. Yes. Thank you. You are the masters of time and space. I've been writing a song a day since January 1st, 2009. Yesterday's song, #153, is about Bandcamp:

All the best,

Subject: thanksthanksthanks
tons of thanks for your great bandcamp app. been waiting for years to use this kind of fantastic tool to get music distributed in such an easy way. just love it, works like a charm, is flexible, adjustable, accessible anywhere, in any situation. did you ever think of using it in deep sea diving? most appreciated. it 'is' good. as many kudos as you want or need
best wishes,
friedrich glorian

your site is FANTASTIC! We love having such a nice, clean place to direct people to check out our songs. It's been super helpful having a place to upload songs almost instantaneously for mass consumption, as opposed to waiting weeks like some other, fruit-logo'd companies... =) We have been doing a project called Singles for Singles where we're releasing a new track each month for 12 months and your site has made that possible. Thank you thank you thank you!
The Secret 6

We recently put up a free EP (Tam Variations by LJ Kruzer). We got some nice buzz from that; one of the tracks got to the top of the Hype Machine charts, which was nice (particularly as it's fairly experimental electronica we're talking here) and everyone we've talked to has been very pleased with ease of use etc. We certainly are. So yes, we just wanted to say thanks. We could have done it without you but doing so would have been a royal pain in the arse ;)

this site has the MOST promise of any I've seen. I really *get* your honest intentions here, and I'm impressed and pleased by the technical acumen shown by developers. Keep going with your plans and help us all to grow as artists and business people along with you.

This is the fucking sweetest thing ever. Seriously, I've been sitting around trying to figure out how much I'd have to pay to have all these great features on my site. You have done independent musicians an AMAZING service. I will be preaching your gospel zealously!
The Throws

I've been waiting for you since 2001, when I was 18 and I was starting to compose my own music. Thank you, please, don't ever change, you are simply perfect and the best ones.
Best regards,

Thank you guys so much for your service. It's hands down the best service around for releasing music, and it only takes 10 minutes to officially release an album digitally. Seriously, you made my life so easy.

I want to thank you for creating this wonderful tool! I am in a group from Seattle, U.S.E (United State of Electronica), and we are self-releasing our 2nd album this summer. A friend showed me Bandcamp, and I was immediately impressed by how many great ideas you've implemented into this service. I had been planning on finding someone to create our own site with many of these same functions (pay-what-you-want, easy sharing, simple aesthetic), and now I don't have to!

If we were asked to lie down and dream of the perfect way to get our music online and out to the universe, and if there was some magical wizard that could capture our dreams and desires and then make it all come true, what the wizard would create is Bandcamp. This is seriously all of our dreams come true in startling reality. We love it. We are now officially living in the magical world of the future. Thank you.
The Mustard Empire

thank you for creating such an incredible service! Bandcamp rocks! (well - I make rap music, but still - it rocks!). It's reliable, it's easy to use, it's accessible, it does what it is supposed to. Brilliant.

Thank you for putting together such a great team and giving us a new sense of incentive to create music! Before BC, the costs of producing physical copies that few people will buy and the screechy streams on cliquish click-trigger-happy sites such as Myspace or iMeem made it difficult to be excited about releasing new music. Now we have an opportunity to release our music preserving the sound quality we worked hard for, and giving people the options they enjoy. Thank you. You will be handsomely rewarded!

Subject: love it love it love it
I got so tired of email songs, burning discs, bah! Thanks to bandcamp I can say, "it's online you dolt, go get it!" :) The interface and tools BC provides is the best I've seen. It's fast, it's efficient, it's pretty. Hell, it's Google quality and caliber for hosted music! I love the uploading tools and deeply appreciate being able to upload lossless data. You ever use last.fm's interface? God it's awful, and unreliable. The BC uploading process has never failed on me. Thank you!
best wishes,

Subject: sincere thanks!
Hello Bandcamp! I just want to say THANK YOU because you are hands down the best, easiest way for any artist to get their music out there to be sold. as well as providing the no minimum option and in exchange for an email address... Anyway! You rock! Revolutionary!
EARTH Slayer

have we told you that we love you guys? best thing on the internet possibly. thanks for all your work and services!

le FAQ di Bandcamp sono geniali, voto 10! :D.

Subject: a huge thank you from GWR
Bandcamp Staff! I just wanted to give you guys a gigantically enormous thank you from George Washington's Revenge. We had so much trouble figuring out how to get music out to our fans for a reasonable price (basically-at cost) and your site has made it possible. We really appreciate what you are doing. Because of you we will be able to have the extra push we needed in raising money to finally go on our first tour. We are eternally grateful and keep up the good work.

Subject: Stunning
I only recently dived into the murky "sell your music online" pool, and pretty soon I was in danger of drowning. Your site virtualy saved my life (and literally saved my music). It's perfection! The interface works like a dream and beats MySpace Music any day. The embedding of tracks works fine, too. What can I say? Brilliant, brilliant site. I've already told my friends on MySpace to give Tom the finger.

Subject: bandcamp is amazing
Hello, we recently came across bandcamp from a friends recommendation and quickly signed up for a page of our own. Thanks for building the best music hosting site on the internet!

Just found out about bandcamp! WOW! now that's the internets! signing up now!

Subject: Bravo on the wonderful work
I'm not typically one for fan mail, but what can I say? Bandcamp is wonderful and worthy! I stumbled upon it through Amanda Palmer's site. I noticed the nice embedded player and went digging to see how it worked. That led me to you. Looked interesting, so I tried it. And it's so elegant. I love it, and will be working it into our website. The detail that really got me though? I was on an album page, listening to a track. 30 seconds in, I click on the "info" link for the track. As I'm waiting for the page to load, I had that moment of realization: "Oh no! The music is going to stop when that page loads!" BUT IT DIDN'T! (Okay, briefly -- but then the new page figured out where I left off and kept right on going.) So subtle, that I could have missed it entirely. But exactly the thing that should happen. Beautiful. Thank you.

Subject: you guys ROCK!
i just wanted to let you know that i just joined bandcamp, and i am SO glad i did! your site is so well designed, user-friendly, and thoughtfully conceived. you really have delivered on your promise to build a site for musicians to easily display and allow downloads of their work. it is simple and easy for both the musician and listener to use. i won't go into all of the features that i love, because there are so many, but i will mention the required uploading of high quality files for creation of all the compressed file formats with tags as one of my favorites. as a musician looking to display his work clearly and simply, with minimal fuss and easy editing of my page, this really is exactly the site i've been looking for. you obviously have a clear goal and are sticking to it as you build the site. so keep it up! i hope bandcamp really takes off as a place people go to check out new music. and please don't change a thing, unless you want to add more features. i completely trust your judgement on that based on what i've seen so far.

Subject: big fan
…I think your site is fuggin unbelievable, and I've been waiting and searching for something like it for last two years. I won't keep gushing about all the features I love, but I'm blown away, so thank you.

Subject: you people are awesome!
wow. thank you for offering such a great application. clean. looks great. easy to use. even for a pc guy :) i haven't been so excited about music since i first attended that first band camp back in the summer of 88. thanks again for helping out musicians in this new world order!
all the best,

Subject: You Guys Give Me A Nerdboner
…just stumbled upon you guys through the band Roman Candle's website and I'm super impressed.

Subject: To Bandcamp: Thank you for existing!
Thank you so very much for doing what you do. We discovered your service a couple weeks ago, and now we discover that we REALLY needed you. My fiance and life partner, SJ Tucker, just got out of the hospital (on Christmas Eve) and may have to go back in for surgery next week, before we start our first tour of 2009. We are, like most self-employed music-types, without medical insurance. Either way, we now need a quick and reliable way of raising the twenty five or thirty THOUSAND dollars our hospital bills may rack up to, and your service will provide the foundation for a significant portion of our fundraising efforts. SJ has released six studio albums and a pair of live albums in the last four years, and probably has more than a couple thousand fans around the country. Most of the fans don't have all of her albums, yet... which, at the moment, is a very shiny silver lining. We're putting out the broadcast today or tomorrow for a "Give a Healthy Dose of SJ Tucker" sale, where we're offering all of the albums for $10, including digital downloads. And bandcamp.mu is the perfect solution for the latter. We're so incredibly happy that we found you, and that you're real. I will have to thank Paul and Storm for showing us the way. Again, thank you. Thank you a thousand times.
K' Wiley

A few months later K' Wiley sent us this update:

Bandcamp has been an absolute boon to us. Our fundraising efforts generated a lot more press than we could have ever imagined, and the bandcamp system saved us a lot of worry and work. The sharing tools made many of our online promotional efforts much simpler and more effective. For example, when Laurell K. Hamilton (author of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series) blogged about SJ Tucker, she was able to embed her favorite songs in the post - which can be seen very clearly in our bandcamp logs as that first big spike. Many of our fans really like the ability to pay what they feel a song is actually worth, rather than the $1 minimum. In a way, it lets them tell us how much a song really means to them. Many of our fans were also using the bandcamp system simply as a means of making a donation towards our medical expenses. Now we're using the bandcamp system to put out an online-only album - an otherwise very difficult prospect - to support our new road show. SJ enjoys the freedom of being able to add new songs to the album as they are completed. Just in case you're curious: SJ is doing much better now, and we are back on the road. Our medical bills are getting paid…and we can focus on developing new projects and new music again. Again, thank you guys for existing. We're very happy with bandcamp.com - and our fans are, too.

Subject: Thank you so much!
I just want to say that I am beyond excited to have found you guys. Your site answers the needs for so many grassroots bands out there. This is the tool that I have been waiting for…I am reworking my entire web presence based on your site now. I will be taking my music off MySpace and replacing it with your player.

Subject: Thank you!
I stumbled across bandcamp looking for a FLAC copy of the Triobelisk EP - it's fantastic. I have recommended the site in the strongest terms to several friends of mine who run record labels. I would love to see bandcamp as a worthy competitor to iTunes and the like.

I’d just like to say that it’s ridiculously refreshing to find an online music service and hoster that understands not only where the music industry needs to be headed, but are doing it in such an incredibly inventive and (hopefully) future-defining way. Bandcamp is truly an amazing service, and the work you guys are doing is absolutely spot-on. I only discovered BC via the blog of the guy who did your Flash visualisations (incredible, by the way), and the more I dig into your service, the wider the smile on my face becomes. And you do it with such style, grace, and humour. Got my band on here within a few hours of reading up on BC. Fantastic.
Luke Moody

Oh, and by the way, BANDCAMP IS THE BEST MUSIC SITE. EVER. Really, it's just spot-on perfect. You guys deserve a medal. Or ice cream. At least, ice cream.

Bandcamp is definitely one of the best working and best looking places for musicians to promote their music - keep up the good work.

just stumbled across bandcamp, man what a fab service!!! It's made my page look more professional with minimum of effort so will be recommending it to any I can find!

just been checking out bandcamp the last couple of days. you guys are doing a great job - its amazing. to be able to offer folks the files in any number of formats is just killer.

by the way - have to say this - I freaking love bandcamp. I am totally going to get all my artists on this. It is probably the best, easiest, prettiest, most functional download site I have seen. I am all over this... flippin' snazzy. And I am totally all over your promo codes, too!

when we had to switch fulfillment companies in the middle of a pre-order, we went to bandcamp. we said, 'can you make individual download codes for 5,000 people?' they had never done something like that before, but threw themselves into the project and VOILA!!! our 5,000 supporters were able to download the album they'd been waiting for in multiple formats with no hassle. very few companies will stay up all night to create an entirely new process for you...bandcamp got 'er done, and done well.
amanda palmer

OMFG bandcamp is BRILLIANT! WOW! From a musician's standpoint this is picture perfect. I'm seriously thinking about dumping deltarasa.com and just redirecting to bandcamp when the album comes out. It's just superior in every way. Letting people name their own price is just... ugh, this is just awesome. This site is going to be huge.

This is the best thing that has happened to a musician on the internet since...ever

As a professor at Providence College (RI, USA) studying entrepreneurship and the folk music industry, I have been monitoring the many internet outlets that musicians are now using to market their wares. Bandcamp.com is so simple, elegant, and clear that it gets to the point of marketing . . . the product. No distractions, no fluff, just all the options that musicians have told me they have been searching for. Look no further! Congratulations.
Doktor Krankheit

You guys are just absolutely AWESOME! I have actually been rushing the recording process for my record since i stumbled on you guys a few months back and can’t wait to be the first platinum selling bandcamp artist…. *yeah right smirk* hehehe Well done guys. Well done indeed!

What I appreciate most about Bandcamp is how elegant it is. Uploading is simple, the automatic conversion into multiple formats works flawlessly, and out of many thousands of plays and downloads, I’ve had only one email where somebody had an issue (and it was user error). I also love getting to see where tracks are embedded and played. It’s invaluable for seeing which campaigns are effective and which aren’t, and it’s cool finding out about a review by tracing song plays and sales directly back to a website. You set out to do one thing and do it well, and you’ve succeeded admirably. It’s a great tool in the arsenal of any musician.
Glen Phillips

And a little later:

The download codes are manna from heaven! I thank you and bid my sluggish and unpredictable iTunes public folder farewell!
Glen Phillips

From inside our pod we hover about, cutting up, dicing, tracking, … the tweaking and twiddling of knobs finds a home on Bandcamp…and into the whereabouts thereof. Our perfect audio machine is Bandcamp! We love Bandcamp! There is no place like home.
John Askew, RemoteTreeChildren

Subject: Thank you AMAZING guys of Bandcamp! You rock n' roll !!!!
Bandcamp is sugar for musicians, a gold mine to music consumers. First time I combed through the records on this site I felt like I was in a cool small record store looking for rare gems. Of which Bandcamp is full! Then I tried to make my own profile, I was scared at first because I suck at webpages' customization. But then in almost 45 minutes I made this. I work as a soundtrack composer and god knows how many customers gave me excellent feedback about "how nice my website looks". My reply is always: yeah, Bandcamp! You guys are gonna change music industry quickly, so I'm glad to feel like a pioneer having loaded my works here. It's helping me a lot getting new fans, and new customers as well. And the player is just the most clean and effective of the world wide web. And the no-volume thing....oh, that's respect to music and rock attitude. Play it loud or get away from here! You bastards! You made it! You made it! :)
Francesco D'Andrea

from the blogs:

Bandcamp blows iTunes and MySpace out of the water, then takes a flamethrower, sets them on fire, then eats their ashes for breakfast. [And later, in regards to the physical goods announcement:] It's official: Bandcamp is officially the best thing ever (Sorry blowjobs)!
Iron Curtain

This looks excellent to me…cover[s] your digital distribution of files and the collecting / amassing of your database.
Trent Reznor

The only place I’ll buy digital music online...looks like the future for bands...definitely the best site out there for making your music available to the world...a pleasure to use.
Invisible Oranges

One of the greatest independent distribution tools for musicians on the internet. For starters, it’s incredibly simple to use on both ends (as a musician or as a buyer/listener). Visit any band’s Bandcamp page and you’ll find there’s only one objective: listen to and download music.

Bandcamp is a holy shit hell fuck bonkers crazy go nuts tool
Let me preface this by saying that I neither work for bandcamp, have sex with anybody that works for bandcamp or am I getting any kind of unsolicited kickback or reward from them at any kind. This is merely a community bulletin over something I find badass...maybe it's that I'm getting older and cranky, but I feel like shaking my fist at the various web 2.0 options for music these days, while bandcamp never ceases to actually amaze me and surprise me by its goodness.
Conan Neutron

Bandcamp's execution is extremely elegant…will either eat or be eaten by MySpace Music.
Dana Oshiro, ReadWriteWeb

trumps MySpace at virtually every turn
The Pop Cop

I think Bandcamp.com is the best music site in the world as far as hosting music and having a sleek interface and smart outlook. I have my electronic music on it (triobelisk.bandcamp.com) and I love that I have the option to have it all as FREE 128k mp3 and CHOOSE YOUR OWN PRICE for any higher quality. It totally fixes the distribution problem and removes the concept of record label as a means to distribution. From my experience, people in the end are cool when they know the money goes DIRECTLY to the artist at a price they choose if they want to invest in higher quality files, etc... I met the guys from Bandcamp at SXSW and they are totally righteous gentlemen and I think their site is the future as they have non-sleazy plans for monetizing the site so they can keep it up and improve it without throttling the base experience and maintaining a strong support for artists. A great feature is that since by me hosting the free version on Bandcamp, fans can avoid crappy zShare ads and I get invaluable stats where people are finding out about my music and then I can later contact the blogs that are spreading the good word and give them new tunes when they drop. It's almost like going back to a digital DIY version of the age of fanzines and vinyl and creating a community.
Shelby Cinca of Frodus, excerpted from his interview in PASTEPUNK

There’s a massive paradigm shift going on here, using this site single-handedly creates new avenues to connect with fans and then manifesting the connection to mean something greater for the bands. Record labels should stop worrying about p2p pirating and start worrying about these guys…this site + a solid street team + and a good booking agent = game over

Bandcamp is, seemingly, just yet another website that allows you to sell your music yourself. But the solution Bandcamp offers is so elegant, so easy, and so compelling, that it basically leaps to the head of the pack…I now have Bandcamp as my default music page on my official site. It’s that good.
A Song A Day

I do not endorse things easily, and you couldn’t even pay me to give a site/service this sort of recommendation, but here it is: as of right now, Bandcamp is officially the business. No competition, not even close. If you are a rapper, if you are in a group, if you are a producer, if you are managing one of the three, then do yourself a favor, take ten minutes, and set yourself up on Bandcamp.
the mixtape show

A killer app for emerging bands. Really well done.
Joe Lazarus

Great ideas are often based not on doing something new, but doing something the way most people didn’t even realize it should be done. Bandcamp, the newly launched digital music publishing platform, looks like it may just fall into this category. As a musician, as well as a developer, I’m terribly excited about its possibilities.
Justin Driscoll

For too long, people have complained that what we talk about is too difficult because bands just want to make music, rather than focus on building websites. Well, now they don’t have to worry so much about that part.

…lets you create a free, clean, very custom mini-site without all the ads and extra junk. It’s the perfect quick solution for promoting your music.

clean, free, pretty…I love it
wire to the ear

from Twitter:

bandcamp.com - get there NOW! It's the frickin' future - Lily Allen could do with having a look as well
Graham Stephens

I was up late getting my bandcamp site setup so I could start sharing it. Bandcamp is fucking excellent, BTW.
Dan Clark

Bandcamp is the best thing that could have happened to the new Metroid Metal record.
Metroid Metal

Have decided that Bandcamp is by far the best music sales site for a band's release.

Bandcamp is tremendous, really don't know why all bands don't sign up. They are really in touch with what bands need/want too.

I'm loving Bandcamp. Very clean and revolutionary. This might just be the next best way to distribute music

Love using @Bandcampyo so, so much.

If you've done any foot work promoting a band, it isn't hard to see why @bandcampyo is the GREATEST COMPANY OF ALL TIME!
Rob Knight

just uploaded my album and your site kills myspace musicstore and sundclick it is the absolute BEST thanks so much

In love with Bandcamp -- best FAQ ever, ever. Where were you the rest of my life? (here: http://bandcamp.com)

I'm now hosting my music on bandcamp, which is the best music host I've ever seen
Reid Kane

a sleek, powerful myspace-alternative for bands. May this bring an end to "6 video players at once"
Josh Constine

Okay...maybe I'm late on this, but this site is totally awesome.
Ian Belloso

Thank you guys! we love bandcamp it's genius

I don't think I've ever seen another music store that gets it as well as Bandcamp does. The more I see the more I like.
Miles Strombach

i'm still nothing short of convinced that bandcamp is brilliant...all we need now is cash and marketing genius haha...cheers!
The Black Knights

Bandcamp is the shit.
DJ Brucki

Cash N.Y.

This place is ILL for sharing music

I'd like to stress again how awesome BandCamp is.
Nicholas Tanski

Bandcamp is incredible. It's absolutely the best way to distribute digital music. It's smart, simple and has amazing analytics.
Matt Stine

Can I just say that bandcamp is amazing?? Thanks, @allisonweiss, for discovering it first!
Rachel Rambach

I love @bandcampyo so much. i could read their FAQs all day. Musicians not on bandcamp are DOING IT WRONG
Nick Moreton

bandcamp.com is my new favorite site on the internet - so. damn. genius.

holy shit i just fell in love with a new website (for REAL musicians, despite its name): bandcamp.com. so much better than the others
Andrew Esquer

seems like the coolest thing ever for any band!

Can't even begin to explain how ridiculously happy I am that @bandcampyo exists.

a great way to sell music direct to fans & their support is lightning-swift too.

Early days yet but I think Bandcamp.com is going to a great thing for indie bands and muso's selling digital downloads.

Bandcamp is amazing! I'm using it for my current http://danlyth.com site too.

bandcamp is a revolution in music websites.

I am totally blown away by bandcamp.com--I give it my highest recommendation! Any musician who hasn't seen should check out now.

okay y'all prolly already seen dis, but I think it is pretty bad ass... http://bandcamp.com/

Bandcamp has got THE digital delivery solution. Every single thing I've ever done is up there. 2 Thumbs up + a wiggly pinky!

we've been there: myspace, facebook, reverbnation. but the cleanest way to publish music is really bandcamp.

musicos, Bandcamp is IT. 10 mins to create page, uploaded .wavs, and did better in 1 day than iTunes in 2 mos. nutty!

bandcamp.com is so cool it's going to make me start another band asap

i love bandcamp for hosting music - free, easy, nice and you can embed the player in wp

ever heard of bandcamp.com? It's my new favorite place to put my music online

All artists should sell on bandcamp. All independent labels should too. Then hello critical mass, and goodbye tiny itunes %s.

One of the best band/music websites I've seen in years. Watch the video it explains all and it's freakin' awesome. B

Wow, really impressed with Bandcamp (http://bandcamp.com, via @Grooveshark). Clean, easy, free, song stats... Looks great for new bands!

I think I'ma put all my crap up on bandcamp. Seems clean, easy to use, punter-friendly, etc. pay-what-you-like too, which is optimal.

any muso's out there on www.bandcamp.com, its seriously cool, you should check it out....

bandcamp's visualizations are rad. I think I'll move stuff over there just for that!


Bandcamp is insanely good. Simple, fun, and exactly the right features. Looking forward to watching it grow. ;)

@dubber Bandcamp is changing my life as we speak. Thanks!

Musicians: Also, I think I might be in love with http://Bandcamp.com, after reading their FAQ's. Eärendil and pineapple both come up.

@MobiWan holy shit, i love this bandcamp.com. FLAC? I'm in!

@illingsworth Yo, you know we can embed the player in notes/blogs/etc etc. Man, this bandcamp thing is perfectsauce.

@nkleiner Hey yeah! I have ended up using bandcamp.com in the end, it's pretty amazing!

http://bandcamp.com/ has blown me away with it's feature set... could it become the new myspace for music?

@markalandooley wow, bandcamp.com looks pretty cool.. like they actually got a lot of things right

bands looking for a place to host their music, check out http://bandcamp.com/ it's free, and very saucy.

Will this eclipse myspace? http://bandcamp.com/

@ihatemornings congratz dude! Yep. Totally agree, bandcamp rocks - only uploaded one track for now, will upload more soon.

@gigdoggy I definitely love the smoothness of the bandcamp setup - and they use the vimeo vid embeds. muy sweet.

@bandcampyo Wow. Your site is frigmothering genius, and I salute you. Bandcamp rocks. http://music.ihatemornings.com ;)

I freaking love how Bandcamp goes about their business. One of my favourite Music2.0 startups.

Really impressed with the product and traction at bandcamp.com. Nice job @ethan_diamond, @trueventures (PS: nice domain upgrade).

@bandcampyo I just discovered the defender easter egg :) Could Bandcamp be any more awesome?

To all the world: www.bandcamp.com is awesome.

Bandcamp.com is dope.

Loving Bandcamp.com! They just got me VERY excited.

@lhl I concur, Bandcamp is the most impressive site I've seen in a long time in the music space

@bandcampyo <-- now *there* is a music sharing/site tool I can get behind. www.bandcamp.com. Maybe for our next free music, we'll do that.

Fantastically awesomely wonderful for musicians - Download codes from Bandcamp

@tunecoregary I use bandcamp and love it - also has the best customer service (outside of tunecore, of course)

♥ bandcamp.com

Awesome, Awesome and Awesome: 3 new features at Bandcamp.

@dubber Wow, thanks so much for pointing out Bandcamp! It's literally nearly the perfect solution for folks like me!

sold on bandcamp.com.

blown away by Bandcamp. opening an account NOW.

Still not convinced? Quick, over here. The rest of you, follow me!