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  1. What I Heard, What I Saw
    by Kristen Mark Westwood
  2. King Paten
    by Holly Mae Henry
  3. Notice (from Urbana15)
    by Kristen Mark Westwood
  4. Love & War & The Sea In Between
    by Josh Garrels
  5. Something To Win
    by Paola Bennet
  6. Where it lay – EP
    by April Smallwood
  7. Stranger Kings
    by Stranger Kings
    Lay Low Lay Low
    This album single-handedly brought me renewed interest in rock music. Stranger Kings' alternative elements contribute to their own unique style and sound, while still maintaining the traditional feel of rock n' roll. Though it may sometimes seem that good music is obscured because of the crap we see in the mainstream media, there are talented people out there who are still motivated by the art and the quality of music, and this album is proof. I look forward to hearing more of their future work.
  8. Acoustics EP
    by yvette young
  9. Wild Skies EP
    by Wild Skies
    Don't Look Down Don't Look Down
    You know those times when you listen to an artist for the first time, and are immediately hooked to their music? I myself have very particular musical tastes, yet when I first listened to this album it very quickly became one of my favorites out of anything I've found on this site so far. Why isn't this a best-seller yet? This album is passionate, folk-y, the lyrics are meaningful and authentic. I'm still looking for music on bandcamp that I appreciate as much as this.
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  10. Farewell EP
    by Fettler
    Hardly Give a Damn Hardly Give a Damn
    It's funny, when I clicked on SexuaLobester's link to this album, I never actually expected such high quality, elaborately harmonized, beautiful music. Not only did he introduce me to this album, but to this website and other great music as well. Props to SexuaLobster. Also, I introduced this album to a friend of mine who pretty much had it on loop for two weeks. 'Nuff said.
  11. idiot child.
    by Kate Nyx