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Jobs at Bandcamp

How We Work

There is no Bandcamp office. Our team is sprinkled throughout the world, with arms, cells, pods, what-have-yous in San Francisco, Montreal, Los Angeles, the Pacific NW, a Carolina, Pittsburgh, Vermont, the British Isles and Berlin. We get together all day and night on Slack, design and document everything in a wiki, do a short daily hangout that is exactly like the start of Hill Street Blues, and meet in person a few times a year for strategizing, working head-to-head, and laser bowling. If you do not have a strong social structure outside of work then employment at Bandcamp will likely lead to heart disease and an early death. We’re hiring!

Editorial Designer / Art Director

Bandcamp is seeking a talented individual for our design team to help us create and direct artwork, design and build new editorial features and layouts, improve existing ones and make the editorial on Bandcamp a shining beacon of wonder for all who gaze upon it.

You will design. You will code. You will direct photography and illustration. You will have a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of artists and millions of readers and fans each and every day.

You will feel good. You will feel as good as I do right now.

  • You are a user experience/visual designer and art director.
  • You live in any part of the world, but your workday overlaps with GMT-5.
  • You are able to take your ideas from sketches to mockups to production-ready HTML/CSS.
  • You are able to direct artwork, illustration and photography.
  • You understand that design is how a product looks and how it works.
  • You thrive when you’re working with a small team in a rapidly-changing environment.
  • You work well in a self-directed role with minimal supervision.
  • Your work exhibits a refined, clean, contemporary visual aesthetic.
  • You know typography and how to use it on the web.
  • You have a critical eye and know what makes a standout image.
  • You have some experience wrangling freelance photographers and getting great work under tight deadlines.
  • You have an irrepressible joie de vivre that permeates your work and elevates it from good to great.
  • You can’t understand why a job posting would list HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Wordpress, and Dreamweaver as requirements when that’s already obvious. We are joking about Dreamweaver.
  • You have a natural curiosity that drives you to learn, research and investigate.
  • You are skilled at giving and receiving design criticism and appreciate its importance as part of the creative process.
  • You have done some amazing work to date and are certain your best work is still ahead of you.
  • You are an excellent writer and communicator who enjoys sharing your thoughts and designs with your peers.
  • Bonus: You have experience in illustration, photography and/or video.
  • Bonus: You have a great network of freelance photographers you can call on, who you know will get the job done.
  • Your portfolio reflects all of the above.

Please send your resume, portfolio and a brief blurb about yourself and why you want to work at Bandcamp to:

(that’s four letters, not thirty one – please use the first letter of the first word, the second letter of the second, the third letter of the third and the fourth letter of the fourth) and we will get back to you shortly.

Freelance Writers

Are you a passionate writer who loves and believes in Bandcamp’s mission? Are you obsessed with discovering and supporting independent artists on Bandcamp? Are you looking to write original stories about artists you admire, review the best new music and become a tastemaker in the Bandcamp universe? Then we, the team at Bandcamp editorial, want to work with you. We invite you to propose new stories for the site through our open call.

We are looking for band profiles, feature stories, scene reports, fun, informative lists and anything else you can dream up. We are looking for seasoned writers with years of experience as well as those just starting their careers.

The goal of editorial at Bandcamp is to shine a light on the world of music that exists within the site. We will focus on emerging artists, while also covering established acts who have unique voices and perspectives. We are relentlessly curious, equally excited by indie rock, digital cumbia, doom metal, trap music, afropop and everything in between. We have no genre borders or regional boundaries. We’re unflagging in our determination to uncover new music and — most importantly — to share it. If you are involved in a small scene or have identified a pattern in your city, we want to know about it… and we want to pay you to write about it.

We are looking for individuals who can produce elegant, clean copy on time. We are looking for strong writers with interesting perspectives and open minds.

We’re hoping to launch late spring/early summer so consider pitches for May, June and July.

So, how do you pitch us?

Send an email to that includes:

  1. Links to two or three clips, if you have them. Posts you wrote for your Tumblr or for your friend’s ‘zine mean as much to us as pieces you wrote for a major music site.
  2. A list of your three favorite bands on Bandcamp and your favorite label (with one or two sentences explaining why).
  3. Three pitches. That means three clearly stated ideas with two to five sentences describing the piece. Please include a Bandcamp link to the artists you are pitching. For example if you want to pitch us a story about stylistic trends, album art or the explosion of skronk metal, it’s important to use Bandcamp bands as examples.
  4. Tell us something about how you use Bandcamp and/or how you would describe it to a friend who has never encountered the site.