Jobs at Bandcamp

How We Work

There is no Bandcamp office. Our team is sprinkled throughout the world, with arms, cells, pods, what-have-you in San Francisco, Seattle, Melbourne, Montreal, Portland, Oxford, D.C., Raleigh, British Columbia and Bennington (which is in Vermont). We get together all day and night on irc, design and document everything in a wiki, do a short daily hangout that is exactly like the start of Hill Street Blues, and meet in person a few times a year for strategizing, working head-to-head, and jamming on microsynths. If you do not have a strong social structure outside of work then employment at Bandcamp will likely lead to obesity, depression, and an early death. We’re hiring!

Systems Engineer

Bandcamp is seeking a mind-bogglingly talented individual to assist in designing, managing, troubleshooting, and pampering our production infrastructure. In the course of a week (sometimes a single day) you will find yourself:

  • sculpting nginx and haproxy configurations to reveal the beauty within
  • deploying and testing new physical and virtual machines
  • gazing intently into resource utilization graphs
  • delving into the finer points of database replication
  • making Michelin-level salad of curl, dig, netstat, and tcpdump
  • batting away nagios alerts with vim and vigor (emacs is fine too)
  • performing forensics on failures
  • spinning spreadsheets to summarize, clarify, and forecast
  • tuning database indexes and making SQL statements purr
  • worrying about security, then doing something to improve it, then worrying about it some more
  • reading, writing, and debugging code to accomplish all the above

Who, then, are you?

  • You’re either an experienced systems person, or an experienced developer who wants to do more of the above.
  • You’re a coder. You have real-world programming samples you’re proud of and can share.
  • You’re a closet scientist: formulating hypotheses, running experiments and doing research, reaching actionable conclusions.
  • You love to visualize data.
  • You’ve got a cool, rational head in the midst of a crisis.
  • You’re an expert at learning on-the-fly.
  • You’re very, very. Very. Detail-oriented.
  • You adore documenting your work, and doing so pithily.
  • You’re self-directed.
  • You communicate in technical English with fluidity and grace.
  • You live anywhere. (We’re working on worldwide coverage so ideally you start your workday around 09:00 UTC.)
  • You’re comfortable being on-call and working at odd hours.
  • After all that, want to knock our socks off? Be a Ruby and MySQL expert. The End!

Shall we play a game? If you’re interested, view source to apply.


Bandcamp is looking for a web- and mobile app developer to join our growing engineering team.

Requirements: the set of things that you'll need

  • Superlative programming skills
  • A history of developing successful, large-scale, public web software
  • A love of the ruby programming language
  • Experience writing software for mobile devices
  • More than a passing familiarity with the java programming language
  • Experience with and opinions about writing beautiful client-side javascript
  • A world-weary wisdom from fighting with and then making peace with CSS
  • A world-weary wisdom from fighting, making peace with, and in the end kinda sorta loving SQL
  • The ability to find your way around and make things happen in linux
  • Outstanding writing skills (a personal blog we can visit is a plus)
  • Full-time availability
  • You can live anywhere, but your work day needs to overlap at least four hours with GMT-7

Desirements: have experience with some of these

  • Designing simple and clean web APIs
  • Statistics, data mining and visualization
  • Threading concepts and distributed computing
  • Writing video games

To apply, check the HTTP headers.