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  1. Troublemaker
    by Stonerror
    Synchronicity I Synchronicity I
    Because I totally needed a desert rock version of Synchronicity. I love it. I'm also a fan of Eastern Bloc rock, the stuff that had to fly under the noses of Redaktors in the days when Moscow called the shots in the Warsaw Pact. Stonerror's covers of these bands is going to open other doors of investigation for me, and I'm glad for those.
    by CobraThief
    Smoke Smoke
    Some sweet, heavy tracks with vocals I can really dig. Play it loud 'n' proud, folks!
  3. Endless Nights
    by The Hypnagogics
    Visions Visions
    Sweet, heavy, crunchy, doomy, female-fronted, well-done, good-sounding rock and roll.
  4. Death Trip
    by The Hypnagogics
    Death Trip Death Trip
    Great pair of heavy doom tracks. Wonderful vocals.
  5. Hot
    by Stew
    Dig For Gold Dig For Gold
    I bought the most recent album and had to go back for a second helping. Good band, keep an eye on them!
  6. Born To Lose
    by The Hypnagogics
    Mama Mama
    Hell yes.
  7. moontoy
    by Moontoy
    Kosimazaki Kosimazaki
    Dreamy and heavy, like all good spacerock should be.
  8. Youth of Dissent
    by 1000mods
    Pearl Pearl
    10 seconds into the first single, and I had pre-ordered the album. It would have been sooner, but I had to pause my game and ALT+TAB to the bandcamp window. 1000Mods makes the music that's good and heavy, and they know what they're doing. Trust their experience and enjoy!
  9. Who Says You Can't Get High at 95mph
    by The Marlboro Men
    Who Says You Can't Get High at 95mph Who Says You Can't Get High at 95mph
    Does it matter if that's a lady or a dude on the back of the bike? It's the music that counts, and it's crunchy and chunky, plenty of heavy fun.
  10. HOW THE WEST WAS LOST and other Vivid Hallucinations
    by The Marlboro Men
    How The West Was Lost (the big reprise) How The West Was Lost (the big reprise)
    Perfect tunes for a road trip, whether you're in a car or a big easy chair at home. Hard, heavy, and some great guitar lines playing above the massive rhythm engine.
  11. Refractions
    by Lowrider
    Ol' Mule Pepe Ol' Mule Pepe
    Exquisite stuff, so glad they made that second album!
  12. Blue Sonnet
    Slug Slug
    No, not the football team. The KING Chiefs. They hit just as hard, though, so, yeah, get this slice of heavy!
  13. Tomorrow's Over
    by Chiefs
    Peel Peel
    It's not stoner D&D rock as the cover may imply. Just good, solid, hefty riffs that make your motor purr along. Excellent fuel additive for your road trippin' needs.
  14. Extended Play
    by Streamline
    Living a Lie Living a Lie
    Heavy noise in all the best ways possible. Great vocals and some awesome guitar licks.
  15. Animal Oxygen
    by CobraThief
    Animal Oxygen Animal Oxygen
    This review is difficult to type out because the opening track just blasted my face off. Wear protective ear when cranking this bad boy up!
  16. 624
    by spartakiev
    what's in the pudding what's in the pudding
    Rock on, dudes! You're gonna want this if you like the desert sound.
  17. Ignite
    by spartakiev
    Ignite Ignite
    Hello there, little doggy! Let me pet you OH MY GOD IT BIT MY ARM OFF!!! But it plays some awesome desert rock, so I'm not angry or anything.
  18. SpartaKiev
    by spartakiev
    Los Weirdos V3.6 Los Weirdos V3.6
    The band is great, all their works are worth checking out and adding to your collection of stoner/desert rock.
  19. Memoria
    by Shepherd,s Biathorrr
    Anthem Anthem
    Great instrumental stoner/space rock. It belongs in your collection.
  20. Abyss
    by Shepherd,s Biathorrr
    Shriek Shriek
    I like instrumental music for when I'm trying to do some work, when I don't want to be distracted by vocals. This stuff fits the bill wonderfully, as my work is not impacted if I bang my head or play a little air guitar now and then, as I am wont to do with this album.