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  1. Life On The Rocks
    by Success
    Sooner Or Later Sooner Or Later
  2. Bongripper // Hate Split
    by Bongripper / Hate
    Fisting Fisting
  3. Satan Worshipping Doom
    by Bongripper
    Worship Worship
    This is an outstandingly sludgy album
  4. SHOCK-U-PY! now available at
    by Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School Of Medicine
    SHOCK-U-PY! (unreleased clapping mix) SHOCK-U-PY! (unreleased clapping mix)
    I purchased this because I've been a fan of Jello's music for years, unfortunately I wasn't impressed with this release.
  5. Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void
    by Spaces
    Edge of Forever Edge of Forever
    An absolutely gorgeous, spacey record.
  6. Beebee On the Bus (A Split EP)
    by Satellite High & Bert Smith
    The Bus is Late The Bus is Late
    Heard "The Bus is Late" in an episode of Welcome to Night Vale, and laughed. Immediately went to download this.
  7. Love Sex Machine
    by Love Sex Machine
    Deafening Peepshow Deafening Peepshow
    Thoroughly aggressive, thick and sticky metal music.
  8. Estrus
    by Destruction Island
    Cradle And Bone Cradle And Bone
    The final release of a longtime favorite band from Tacoma, WA. Not as brilliant or catchy as their other two releases, but still worth a listen.
  9. Et Cetera
    by Lothar & Matthew
    What Happened To The Children What Happened To The Children
    Another great release from Lothar and Matthew. Superb sampling.
  10. Sesquipedalianism
    by Lothar & Matthew
    Vamoose Vamoose
    A wonderful eclectic electronic trip, with beautiful sampling.
  11. A Is For Accident
    by The Dresden Dolls
    Missed Me Missed Me
    This was a gift for someone else