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  1. Back To 2080 (feat. King Protea) [Single]
    by Cassetter
  2. Pull Me Like Gravity (feat. King Protea) [Single]
    by Signal Void
  3. Find You (feat. King Protea) [Single]
    by Signal Void
  4. You've Got Me (feat. Emma Whale)
    by Signal Void
  5. SHNG066 / MIKADO KOKO-1000Cranes EP
  6. Mikado Koko - UGETSU EP
    by Pachamama
  7. Mikado Koko - Spiritual Journey [EP]
    by Lump Records
  8. drama free (feat. Lights)
    by deadmau5
  9. Mixtapes (feat. N 8 T V S) [Single]
    by Moonrunner83
  10. '80s Love (feat. King Protea) [Single]
    by Moonrunner83
  11. Rain On The Dancefloor (feat. Boy and Gurl & The Cynic Project) [Single]
    by Moonrunner83
  12. Phantom [Single]
    by Moonrunner83 & Megan McDuffee
  13. Death of Naivety
    by Llynks & W O L F C L U B
  14. Crystalise
    by W O L F C L U B
  15. Holding On
    by Yota
  16. The Last Thing Left
    by Say Sue Me 세이수미
  17. 10
    by Say Sue Me 세이수미
  18. Naacals
    by Hajna
  19. Eleusis
    by Hajna
  20. Love Levitates
    by Louis Baker