This is tell me about the trees where you live’s music collection on Bandcamp.

tell me about the trees where you live

  1. Svalbard, Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  2. Ambient
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  1. Ghost Piano, Part 2
    by Noise Trees
  2. Paper Songs
    by Noise Trees
  3. A Miracle is A Shift In Perception from Fear To Love
    by Kira Kira
  4. Ghost Piano, Part 1
    by Noise Trees
  5. (demo ep 001)
    by your best imaginary friend
  6. 1982
    by Liima
  7. Hymn Binding
    by From the Mouth of the Sun
  8. In my blood
    by Suffocate for fuck sake
  9. Storm Rituals
    by Dag Rosenqvist
  10. elephant
    by Dag Rosenqvist
  11. A Beautiful Memory Shaped In The Stars
    by Richard Ginns
  12. ...plays the brown mountain lights
    by Twincities
  13. Dwaal/Wold
    by Machinefabriek
  14. Green & Gold
    by Wil Bolton
  15. #1 Reworks
    by Illuminine
  16. Ceremonies
    by EF
  17. Adormidera
    by Federico Durand
  18. instruction booklet n. 1232
    by the humble bee
  19. Music in three movements for when the world falls apart
    by Dag Rosenqvist
  20. It's The Colour Of A Cloud Covered Sky
    by Kevin Verwijmeren