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  1. Lux Morti
    by Lux Morti
  2. Att Öde Vara
    by Svältvinter
    Jaktmarker Jaktmarker
    Belting music reminiscent of early Panphage and Gorgoroth. Quality riffing and harsh vocals gives this a savage and underground production quality, enhanced by being able to hear the vocalist forcing breath into his lungs. It's not linear though and there are plenty of surprises that mix it up. Well worth your money to support this band. I can't wait to see how their next release will stack up alongside this. No rush though.
  3. Varg & Björn
    by Murg
  4. Omnibeul
    by Desert Colossus
  5. Smoke Iron Plunder
    by Hazzard's Cure
  6. Hazzard's Cure
    by Hazzard's Cure
    Clashing Of Hordes Clashing Of Hordes
    If Mastodon and Cauldron Black Ram conceived a child while overdosing on heroin this would be it made flesh. Suffering from withdrawals, fevered and sick. What an album, not a filler in sight. It is varied, vicious, mellow, thoughful and creative. Well worth your money to support this.
  7. Wroth
    by Bädr Vogu
    Deprogram Deprogram
    Savage,hefty and full of spite. Garnished with eloquent but provoking lyrics.
  8. Hell (self titled full length)
    by MSW
  9. SECT
    by SECT
  10. Vendetta (LP)
    by Malämmar
  11. Hell I
    by M.S.W. T.A.S. A.L.N.
  12. (Orange)
    by Toke
  13. Phantom Fury
    by Wizard Union
    Cosmic Gatekeeper Cosmic Gatekeeper
    Dirty, Dark and superb. This is a fine example of Sludge/Stoner and embodies the atmosphere of being a bong Genie.