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  1. Actual F Vol. 1
    by Ben Pest
  2. Baddow Moods
    by Ceephax Acid Crew
  3. Identify
    by Aagentah
  4. Time travelers inc.
    by Seo
  5. Recognition EP
    by Infinity Plus One
  6. Mr Sunshine
    by Lydian Collective
  7. Dey Sey Dub
    by Holy Tongue
  8. Dey Sey
    by Holy Tongue
  9. Dey Sey Dub II
    by Holy Tongue
  10. Dream Nightclub
    by TKB
  11. 909 Problems But The Pitch Aint One
    by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier
  12. Reveal in Finder
    by Sunken Foal
    Hyperstition Hyperstition
    Holy MOLY!

    It's been a while since I had to immediately listen to an album again for a second time after the first listen.

    Very hard to pick a favourite... Esmeralda, Crooksling, Zoom in Enhance, all incredibly tasty works with catchy tunes, immaculate sound design and synth work, totally lush beats... this whole album seriously raises the bar for irish electronic musicmakers. bloody hell Dunk. may this get the recognition it deserves.
  13. Amor Machina
    by Neville Watson
  14. Accent's Vintage
    by Minced Oath
  15. Shylit Beaconings (Excerpts)
    by Roger Doyle
  16. 20 Greenlea Road
    by Les Keye
    Phantom Limb Phantom Limb
    Wow. Blown away by this album. Powerful stuff, I find myself wanting to know more about each of the stories behind all these songs!! Great work!!
  17. Still Got It
    by DMX Krew
  18. Being - There
    by Apartment Records
  19. An Insight To All Minds
    by Kaidi Tatham
  20. Synthesized Sudan: Astro-Nubian Electronic Jaglara Dance Sounds from the Fashaga Underground
    by Jantra
    Gedima Gedima
    Oh my God! These rhythms are INCREDIBLE!!! i have to listen in a very concentrated but relaxed way to all the elements and for a while i can't hear how they all interlock together, and then... BAM! it happens and i hear it and its so so so good