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  1. Secrets of Numbers
  2. Stolen & Contaminated Songs (CSR276CD/LP)
    by Coil
    Love's Secret Domain (Original Mix) Love's Secret Domain (Original Mix)
  3. Star Alliance
    by Varg
  4. Light Bringer
    by Orphx/JK Flesh
  5. Shadow in the Dark
    by NNHMN
    by LARAAJI • Arji OceAnanda • Dallas Acid
  7. /ON_/
    by Sofía Bertomeu
  8. V
    by Conjecture
  9. Thirst
    by Diasiva
  10. Mechanical Christ (CSR269CD/LP)
    by Kollaps
  11. Eating From The Orchard Of The Heart - V/A
    by Instruments Of Discipline
  12. Wormwood And Flame
    by Michał Turowski
  13. Wie Die Finger Durch Den Nebel
    by Schwefelgelb
  14. Slow Erosion
    by Codex Empire
  15. A Shallow Ascetic
    by ANFS
  16. Lack Of Skin
    by Body Unknown
  17. second castle
    by NNHMN
  18. How To Destroy Angels (CSR263CD/LP)
    by Coil + Zos Kia + Marc Almond
  19. Ulvens Broder (CSR248EP)
    by MZ.412
  20. A Perfect Pain (CSR23CD/LP)
    by Merzbow / Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
  21. Semantik
    by Wieloryb
  22. Antechamber
    by Antechamber
  23. Million Miles
    by Merkabah
  24. Concept Of Thrill - Unbroken EP
    by Concept Of Thrill
  25. the listening bell
    by Rapoon
  26. Perfect Peace. SEMANTICA 70CD
    by Oscar Mulero
  27. Streetcleaner (LIVE Roadburn 2011)
  28. Post Self - single
  29. Tempora EP [UC003]
    by Concept Of Thrill
  30. Storm Over The Baltic Sea EP [UC004]
    by Concept Of Thrill
  31. Rite EP [UC001]
    by Concept Of Thrill
  32. Pentecost EP [UC002]
    by Concept Of Thrill
  33. Falling Dragons
    by Concept Of Thrill
  34. Where Words Fail, Music Speaks - A Compilation For Ania Mehring
    by Various Artists
  35. A Lament For The Lamb
    by Merkabah