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Zoey P.

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  1. Munchie Massacre
    by Pagefire
  2. Omnicide
    by Antitheist
  3. claus
    by Syrup Moose Records
  4. Grandiose Throne of Grotesque Flesh
    by Cronenberg
  5. RED
    by Ruby May Valentine
  6. Compilation I
    by Syrup Moose Records
  7. Sigils
    by Ainor
  8. EP
    by CRYPT KEY
  9. Compilation II
    by Syrup Moose Records
  10. My God is the Moon
    by Ammothea
  11. The Cars Greatest Hits Vol. II
    by Youth Pastor
  12. fig. i | fig. ii
    by wXdXw & Absolute Fucking Bastard
  13. EP
    by Drazen
  14. The Ocean EP
    by Iōhannēs
  15. Chloe Dancer EP
    by Chloe Dancer
  16. 1312
    by Discord
  17. The Unholy Feast from the Black Cauldron
    by Pagefire
  18. Bad Guy (Billie Eilish Cover)
    by Pagefire
  19. Bad Taste (The Remnants Cover)
    by Pagefire
  20. Bad Habits (Ed Sheeran Cover)
    by Pagefire