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  1. Bound Together: An RPG-Inspired Journey
    by Chris Porter
  2. Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Fredrik Häthén
  3. Fly Me To The Moon (synthwave/80s remixes)
    by Astrophysics
    Fly Me To The Moon Fly Me To The Moon
  4. Komm, Süsser Tod (synthwave 80s remixes)
    by Astrophysics
    Komm, Süsser Tod (feat. Marina Rios) Komm, Süsser Tod (feat. Marina Rios)
  5. Connect (synthwave/retro 80s remix)
    by Astrophysics
  6. The All-Story: FLIGHT! (Snapshot '18)
    by Devin Barone [DVB]
  7. Polyominus
    by Devin Barone [DVB]
    by MACROSS 82-99
    Crystal City (feat. Night Tempo) Crystal City (feat. Night Tempo)
  9. Tell Me To Stay
    by Reverend TJ McGlinchey
    Don't Be Afraid Don't Be Afraid
  10. Dirt
    by Yamantaka//Sonic Titan
    Out Of Time Out Of Time
  11. WillRock EP
    by WillRock
    Transcendence Transcendence
  12. Saturdaze
    by Starcadian
    Dance Or Die Dance Or Die
  13. Sleep Mode
    by SonikBuster
    The Moral of the Story Is... The Moral of the Story Is...
  14. Stellar
    by FM Attack
    Echoes Echoes
  15. [unity]
    by Devin Barone [DVB]
    keep_it_t̷o̷g̷e̷t̷h̷e̷r̷metric keep_it_t̷o̷g̷e̷t̷h̷e̷r̷metric
  16. Piano Collections: CHRONO TRIGGER
    by Trevor Alan Gomes
    To Far Away Times To Far Away Times
  17. Piano Collections: Pokémon Blue
    by Trevor Alan Gomes
    S.S. Anne S.S. Anne
  18. Thrashlevania (Music from Castlevania)
    by Louie Aronowitz
    Straight Edge Child Straight Edge Child
  19. Zubatto Syndicate
    by Zubatto Syndicate
    Mechas Over Manhattan (Z1) Mechas Over Manhattan (Z1)
  20. Zubatto Syndicate 2
    by Zubatto Syndicate
    Master of Puppets Master of Puppets