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  1. Non-Traumatic Events
    by Phirnis / Chorchill
  2. Land Of The Lakes
    by The Heartwood Institute
    Subscription Library exclusive
  3. You Only Call Me When There's An Apocalypse
    by Wodwo
  4. ad hoc
    by Everling
  5. Apparitions & Phenomena
    by Ensemble de Cadavres Exquis
  6. Prismatic Illusions
    by Hanrath & Way
  7. seasonal hits
    by hyacinth.
  8. Incentive
    by Incentive
  9. The Foundations of Eternal Sin
    by Salvatore Mercatante
  10. Cosmopollinators
    by Stellarays
    Subscription Library exclusive
  11. Palpable
    by Expose Your Eyes
  12. In C: Flea Market
    by Greg Nieuwsma
  13. Live • 2020
    by Kl(aüs)
    Subscription Library exclusive
  14. Structures
    by The Gaye Device
  15. Spirits of Afrodubism
    by Cousin Silas and the Glove of Bones
  16. Paramnesia
    by Daniel Vujanic
  17. Subscription Library Podcast Episode 4
    by Castles in Space Subscription Library
    Subscription Library exclusive
  18. Crystal World
    by Hawksmoor
    Subscription Library exclusive
  19. Aquarium
    by Antonello Perfetto & Greg Nieuwsma