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  1. Headwind
    by Frozen Arch
  2. Bald Mountain
    by Evoking Winds
    I can’t name another Belorussian band that good. Dare I say, its easily on the same level as the later Behemoth. Maybe even more interesting.
  3. Egregor
    by Grandiosa Muerte
    Egregor is beyond comprehension, elevating and ferocious. Somehow it turned out to be possible to combine Dissection and Voivod.
  4. Hashishian
    by Hashishian
    An inspiring topic for doom musicians, the esoteric sect from Persia definitely gave way to tons of cool bands - and Hashishian is among the most interesting imo. Strong OM vibe, outstanding bass tone and freaky reverb’d vocals is all you need to freak the fuck out in the name of the higher power.
  5. Creator Part II
    by Grafting the Vine
    Fuck, this one is heavy. Not in the traditional metal way, but it’s a painful listening (in a good metal way). The closest thing spiritually for me is Chat Piles music. And earlier Pelican
  6. Fatal Delirium
    by nerumia
    FFO of classic metal, Venom and Possessed. Riff worship, caveman sound and vocals. Would love to see this band live someday! Come to Europe
  7. Stairway To An Empty Room
    by Born A Ghost
    Reign of heaviness! its like HEAVY with all capital letters
  8. Erroneous Harmonious
    by Snailbones
  9. Demolition Blues
    by Black Toaster
    1:30 banger full of heavy metal and motorheading
  10. Life Force
    by Lawrence Wallace
  11. Deleted Years
    by Kanoo
    by TUFF TURF
  13. Heavenly Demons
    by Rådarna
    A fine successor to a fine album. This EP is really a great find for every fan of scandinavian folk metal scene.
  14. Rest In Pain
    by Quizboy
  15. Sola Fide
  16. Jab
    by Kohana
    Walk in the Rain Walk in the Rain
    wow! Homies! Consistent, groovy and catchy is the rocknroll provided by Kohana. A lil Kyuss, a lil Brant Brjork, a lot of pleasure
  17. Selfless
    by Sevaskar
  18. Junior
    by Three Eyes
  19. A Connection to Eternity
    by Michael Hanna
  20. Possibilities (EP)
    by The MJF Guitar Project