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  1. Snuffed On Sight
    by Snuffed on Sight
  2. Flesh Hoarder | Relic of Putrescent Filth
    by New Standard Elite
  3. Cerebral Effusion | Ominous Flesh Discipline
    by New Standard Elite
  4. Kyth Wylag Felleyn
    by BORU
  5. Tremors to Signal the End
    by Opium Doom Cult
  6. Split with FLUIDS
    by Putrid Stu
  7. Taking Care of Business is Our Business... and Business is Good
    by FLUIDS
  8. Sorrowful Life
    by Sorrowful Life
  9. Punishment And Devotion
    by Lamp Of Murmuur
  10. i don't feel anything
    by Willzyx
  11. Submission And Slavery
    by Lamp Of Murmuur
  12. Boiling Humans
    by Embalmed
  13. Rain chamber
    by Sadness
  14. Forteresse
    by Hilde
  15. Split with Klanen/Celestial Sword/The Oracle
    by Μνήμα
  16. Conspiring In Blood Drenched Moonlight
    by Μνήμα, Koreltsak, Calling of Phasmic Presence, Upir
  17. Eternal Nightfall
    by Tyrant Moon
  18. SAT202: Automb - Esoterica (2018)
    by Satanath Records
  19. โพธสนธยา (Bodhisandhyā)
    by กาฬพราย
  20. Pimeyttä Vasten
    by Aran