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  1. Hidden Frogs
    by Zen Baboon
  2. The Philosopher's Tone
    by Hedflux
    Superb sound design!
    Loving it all the way. Congrats master Hedflux <3
  3. Organic Technology
    by Hibernation
    The Process The Process
    Amazing as usual! Superb release master Seb Taylor :)
  4. Searching For A Fogbow
    by Kukan-Dub-Lagan
    Reality Is Quite Fugacious Reality Is Quite Fugacious
    What an amazing surprise!
    Full of different journeys through Kukan's sound.
  5. Pote 3
    by Various Artists
  6. Beat Generation (ReMake 2020)
    by Zen Baboon
    Love Road Love Road
    by Zen Baboon
    The Ring Master The Ring Master
  8. La Libre
    by Zen Baboon
  9. Rambóia (ReMake)
    by Zen Racoon
  10. The Bug
    by Zen Racoon
  11. Perfect Day
    by Zen Baboon
    It's a Boy (PsyFi Mix) It's a Boy (PsyFi Mix)
  12. Re-Visited
    by Zen Baboon
    Thank you everyone involved in this release. We are super happy and proud with this physical release.
    Zen Baboon <3
  13. Rhythm Code 5
    by Shanti Planti
  14. body.mind.soul
    by Kaya Project
    Time To Emerge (Ambient Mix) Time To Emerge (Ambient Mix)
    We're just jaw dropped with the quality and sound journeys that Seb Taylor keeps delivering with this regularity. Thank you for this amazing album <3
  15. A Noite - Revisited
    by Zen Baboon
  16. Sleep Deprivation
    by Mindex
  17. Fractal Explorers
    by Mindex
  18. Ionosfera
    by Sérgio Walgood
    Solamitt Solamitt
    Another beautiful release by master Walgood!
    We just love it <3
  19. Clockwork Butterfly EP
    by Hibernation
  20. VA Virga
    by Gaia Psybient Music
    Zen Baboon - Blue Nose (Gaia mix) Zen Baboon - Blue Nose (Gaia mix)