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  1. In Her Mind
    by Seventh Element
  2. Offerings of Flesh and Gold
    by Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze
    Bull of Apis and Bull of Bronze Bull of Apis and Bull of Bronze
    I was listening to this album while sitting in my car next to the train tracks, and the sheer volume of the Bull drowned out a train going by. I can think of few albums that can do that. The snarling, hissing, and spitting vocals of Achaierai come howling out of another dimension, and the walls of guitar complete the tidal wave. For who have bought the album: This is a record to be played fucking LOUD. For those involved in its creation, this is a record to be very proud of. Bravo.
  3. Anthology - A Free Label Sampler
    by Gizeh Records
  4. Riffs for Reproductive Justice
    by Black Flags Over Brooklyn
  5. Offerings of Flesh and Gold
    by Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze
  6. WLFGRL+
    by Machine Girl
  7. Bloodstone (EP)
    by Bloodstone
  8. Music for Saxofone and Bass Guitar
    by Sam Gendel and Sam Wilkes
  9. I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore
    by Thrall
  10. Plyve choven
    by DakhaBrakha
  11. Skyward
    by Evergreen Refuge
  12. Not Your World Music: Noise in South East Asia
    by Compilation
  13. Sacred Horror In Design
    by Sote
  14. The Seas Swell and the Sky Darkens
    by Zakarion
  15. Ofnir
    by Heilung
  16. Mirrors and Lights
    by Mirrors and Lights
  17. Southern Ambrosia
    by Kristina Murray
  18. The Bucket List
    by Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta
  19. The Snowghost Sessions
    by Wayne Horvitz
  20. Autoschediasm
    by Thrall
  21. The Ministry Mares
    by Seventh Element
  22. Duets for Mellotron
    by Robby Grant & Jonathan Kirkscey
  23. Bethany's Cradle (Original Soundtrack)
    by Klaus Morlock
  24. Out Of The Coma
    by Comus
  25. Black Magic Man
    by Psychedelic Witchcraft
  26. Wood Witch
    by The Hare And The Moon
  27. To Paint a Bird of Fire
    by Perihelion Ship
  28. Listening To Pictures (Pentimento Volume One)
    by Jon Hassell
  29. Evergreen
    by The Monkberries
  30. Pass If Music
    by Sam Gendel
  31. Amplified Piano Duets
    by Bob Bellerue and Jarrett Silberman
  32. Gaucho Sessions
    by Bob Bellerue
  33. Il Bagus Corral
    by Suara Liwet
  34. split
    by Hector Cuvelier & Emile De Potter / Bob Bellerue
  35. ALL IN
    by Bob Bellerue
    Redglaer-021911 Redglaer-021911
    A sign of a good drone album is when it starts harmonizing with your refrigerator, which this album seems to do quite readily. This is a great album that washes over and consumes you.
  36. side B
    by Bob Bellerue
  37. Return 1: Kimon
    by Kurushimi
  38. Fed To Fire (Soundtrack)
    by Thrall
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  39. Dead Magic
    by Anna von Hausswolff
  40. Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois
    by Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois
  41. شکوه فراموش شده / Forgotten Glory
    by اکوان (Akvan)
  42. Run to your Mama
    by Goat
  43. Origins EP
    by eksoka
  44. Titan
    by Septicflesh
  45. Black Star/Wide Prairie
    by The Monkberries