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Мария Кудряшова

  1. Moscow, Russia
  2. Metal
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  1. Imperfect
    by Violet Cold, Sadness, A Light In The Dark, Unreqvited, Show Me A Dinosaur
    Kitsunebi 狐火 Kitsunebi 狐火
  2. Mouth Of The Abyss
    by Amiensus
  3. Bipolarität
    by Surmoi
    Ungewissenheit Ungewissenheit
    That's a real good work from the band I've never heard about before. Actually, I don't like German bands 'cause of harsh pronuncation. But this one sounds very different from other bands of the same genre. Also drums are accurate and clear, that strikes me a lot. Plus, clear sound of guitars looks very appropriate in all tracks. Well done!
  4. Signs And Symbols
    by We Deserve This
    Dark Matter Dark Matter
  5. Meadow
    by Born an Abomination
    It's a very long story. Sampled drums, very diy sound. But I can't stand away from that release. Don't miss it and don't be afraid of 24 minutes in total.
  6. A Magnificent Gray / Memoria
    by Slow Meadow
    Memoria Memoria
    Nice release. Good ambient with piano sounds that I love so much. These tracks are perfect for a melancholic mind.
  7. Dreamer On The Run
    by U137
    Album Preview: Dreamer On The Run Album Preview: Dreamer On The Run