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  1. You, Of All People
    by FS
    Almost There Almost There
  2. Strengths
    by Invalids
    Satellite Satellite
    A glorious amalgamation of Eunoia and Pottsville Conglomerate. Just as mathy and ferocious, but warmer and more diverse. Rife with callbacks and musical references, on that TS Eliot shit. Also, the harmonies on "Satellite" slay me.
  3. Eunoia
    by Invalids
    Diastole Diastole

    "After 11 months I can still blast this whole album on repeat for days on end, and it still demands sing-alongs and air finger-taps."
  4. The Pottsville Conglomerate
    by Pete Davis
    Chrysopoeia Chrysopoeia
    Gorgeous and dynamic, lush and ambitious, folk-rock that transcends folk-rock. I am smitten with this album.
  5. Everything, All At Once
    by My First Castle
  6. Lost In Hyrule
    by My First Castle
    Its like England out.. Its like England out..

    "They immediately bring the dancy punk sensibilities of Native or Zlam Dunk to mind, though Sinatra are less caustic than the former and more catchy than the latter."
  7. The Anaesthete
    by Rosetta
    Hara / The Center Hara / The Center
    If Rosetta is space rock, then this album is a collapsing sun. Angry and explosive. We all love A Determinism..., but The Anaesthete is a beast of equal merit if you give it the time.
  8. Dirty Water EP
    by Black Dirty
    Sky Bleu Lawn Darts Sky Bleu Lawn Darts

    "Four tracks of moody, relaxed indie rock with just a hint of a math pedigree-- a debut to be proud of."
  9. Cheers and Fears from the Past Year
    by FS
    Essentially, Eventually Essentially, Eventually
    FS combine the indomitable pop-punk of Take This to Your Grave, the noodly emo of Guilt Beats Hate, and these ever-so-slight moves that bring me right back to Second Stage Turbine Blade.
  10. Phoebus
    by CORTEZ
    Arrogants que nous sommes Arrogants que nous sommes
    Filthy, angry and heavy post-hardcore. Celeste vibes. France and Italy do this shit the best, hands-down.
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  11. You Appear Alongside Me
    by Voyage In Coma
    The Valleys Fill with Lavender The Valleys Fill with Lavender

    "Let’s just say I like my music like I like my women: dark, powerful, and schizophrenic, and Voyage in Coma are marriage material."
  12. Born Bitter
    by Piss Poor
    Youth & Steel Youth & Steel
    New project by the dudes from Like Beasts. Ferocious, grungy hardcore.
  13. Entities
    by Pomegranate Tiger
    New Breed New Breed
    "They are writing some of the tightest, sharpest, yet most inviting progressive metal out there. Definitely for fans of Animals as Leaders and Scale the Summit."
  14. Until the Wind Stops Blowing...
    by Clouds Collide
    As if a Dead Leaf As if a Dead Leaf
    Sicknasty blackgaze. Edgier Alcest. Get down.
  15. Now What?
    by Populuxxe
    Hearing Smells Hearing Smells
    The levels of chillin' on this album of villainous. Sleepy, ambient electronica.
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  16. Demo 2012
    by Fossil Eyes
    Written In Failure Written In Failure
    Pissed, punky screamo. Kinda reminds me of State Faults.
  17. When We Fold
    by Vela Ceras
    Mind Is A Drought Mind Is A Drought

    "They play a familiar brand of poppy prog rock that fans of Closure in Moscow and Tides of Man (or in the case of "In Droves," fans of The Mars Volta's Noctourniquet) will eat right up. Treated, punchy, dancy guitars contrasted with measured, tempered vocals, When We Fold is an impressive debut EP. Expect big things."
  18. Disillusions of Man
    by Belle Epoque
    Disappear Disappear

    "While 'Not Going Home' was the turning point for me, slow jam "Disappear" cinched it. Channeling a bit of As Tall As Lions, though, Belle Epoque kill it on "Disappear," and it's damn hard to write a good slow song."
  19. Torschlusspanik
    by Roma
    Basketball Court Issues Basketball Court Issues
    Melodic and caustic, screams and cleans, melodies and angles, Roma brings everything to the table in two songs. I need more of this desperately.
  20. Call & Response
    by Solace (Canada)
    Naïve Naïve

    "Schubach's voice could be mistaken for the guttural growls of an angry planet."
  21. Decompositions:Volume Number One
    by Circle Takes the Square
    Way Of Ever-Branching Paths Way Of Ever-Branching Paths
  22. Haunted Houses
    by Ghost Cat
    Coughin' Party Coughin' Party

    "Haunted Houses brings me back a few years— like early Hot Cross, but happier, more anthemic."
    Let Me In Let Me In
    Gorgeous indie rock with an askew, almost psychedelic bite.
  24. Solarbear Daisuki
    by Solarbear
    chasingkitsune chasingkitsune
    The quality of the music is inversely proportional to the creepiness of the album art.

    Your favorite video game soundtrack on crack. Or Anamanaguchi on barbiturates.
  25. The Colline Gates
    by Saturnalia
    Tale of Daedalus Tale of Daedalus
    Protest the Hero + Chiptunes.
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  26. Formlessness
    by The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die
    Victim Kin Seek Suit Victim Kin Seek Suit
  27. Canis Major
    by Palisades
    Frater Perdurabo Frater Perdurabo
    Filthy, grimy screamo. Ear candy.
  28. The Better To Eat You WIth
    by Montpellier
  29. That Ship Set Sail
    by Montpellier
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  30. Dick Jokes
    by Treeforts
    Heavy Farts Heavy Farts