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  1. Royal Swan
    by Phoxjaw
    Teething Teething
    Phoxjaw has come quite the distance since "Goodbye Dinosaur". So much more refinement and hypnotic textures in the music on this one. I'm really loving "Royal Swan". Very satisfying and all together pure rocking bliss!
  2. Gathering Swans
    by Choir Boy
    Sweet Candy Sweet Candy
    I love the enchanting, soft and sensitive vocals of Adam Klopp. This band is truly bold to weave such a deep and creative sound. Choir Boy has a haunting and mystical nature with deep introspection into the intensity of feelings. What an honest approach to music where you feel like your needs are met. Choir Boy truly touches my soul with a great assortment of genuine musicians.
  3. Diamonds
    by The Birthday Massacre
    Diamonds Diamonds
    I will always love TBM for their replayabilitity and lush, creative tapestry of sound. It never gets old with new and interesting things their doing with every album. This album has all sorts of lyrical diamonds and a great score of instrumentation and keys. Beautiful!
  4. Demon Hunter
  5. Ashes of Stars (feat. Vulture Culture)
    by Miss FD
    So glad Miss Fright Doll is back and what a single. Referred by Communion After Dark. Beautiful Chic and Dark Doll!
  6. El Ojo (Funker Vogt Remix)
    by Punto Omega
  7. A Question of Time
    by Exit Eden
  8. Envenom
    by Vore Aurora
    Really love her music. Very nice mental sound. She is probably not doing well. All because their nasty care. With this earth- one person limited intelligence. No one cares when they have gone.

    None will claim the sickest but their materials.
    And I hope you get all their $#!T...
    Wow I was inspired by great musik!
  9. Null Plus Void Remix War
    by Vore Aurora
  10. Envenom (STRVNGERS REMIX)
    by Vore Aurora
  11. The Loneliest Girl
    by Princess Chelsea
    Good Enough Good Enough
    I'm not such a lonely boy man listening to the Princess. I've got a surrogate auditory hallucination in mind, keeping me company.
    And when I grow up I'll be a real boy man, when I'm a Airship pirate. For now I've been buckling down because the devil won't leave me alone. On stealth mode trying new viruses, unmired in my creativity. When I know Satan'$ inside he knows I have the upper hand.
    Reach for Princess Chelsea as an idle fan. At least she knows she's cooler now. I understand and I do know this land.
    So buy her record man boy and girly women should!
    Or am I a $hiny black mantis coin creeping in the woods?
    Moon people are never understood.
  12. Heart Of The Hurricane
    by Beyond The Black
    Echo From The Past Echo From The Past
    I only started listening to BTB but yesterday. I'm always looking and searching out great new female metal leads.
    Truly excellent and fantazmological metallurgy music...ha! Seriously though, how can you not like Beyond The Black!
    I will have to start researching the vixen and vehement and venerable volition that's saturated my swollen soul.
    What a Band with a tight black gloved hand of individuals exemplifying sincerely great metal!
    If the hand belonged to Metal God Collosus, Odin, Zeus and The General Macrozord Defender of the Artist and Under Dog Consortium.
    I do declare that I'm hyping, level humble folk into an anxious bar raising that doesn't comfort anyone at all. I do hope you know I try way too hard to complement yet find uncommon yet peculiar cullings worth your interest.
    In my sick fantasy where in real life we would probably only buy a burrito together. I would be a blank eyed child staring out and into eyes over my league and bore you and disgust you being a total waste of time and pig.
    Though at least I know and thanks for making killer music BTB!
  13. Savior
    by SOFT KILL
  14. Part Time Punks: April 2018
    by Soft Kill
    I love the hazy, brooding emotional tone of the music with lyrics telling a story deeply. It's like waking up from an emotional dream and trying to make sense of the drama. I think Tobias Grave and Soft Kill offer something truly unique and original to Alternative Rock.
  15. J.Z.O.K.
    by Mass Gothic
  16. Complex
    by The Chills
  17. Dark Window
    by Mass Gothic
  18. Amends
    by Them Are Us Too
  19. Never Wanted to Dance (The Birthday Massacre's Pansy Mix) [feat. Chibi]
    by Mindless Self Indulgence
  20. Within Reach
    by Bella Lune