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  1. Ashes of Stars (feat. Vulture Culture)
    by Miss FD
    Ashes of Stars (feat. Vulture Culture) Ashes of Stars (feat. Vulture Culture)
    So glad Miss Fright Doll is back and what a single. Referred by Communion After Dark. Beautiful Chic and Dark Doll!
  2. El Ojo (Funker Vogt Remix)
    by Punto Omega
  3. A Question of Time
    by Exit Eden
  4. Envenom
    by Vore Aurora
  5. Null Plus Void Remix War
    by Vore Aurora
    Null Plus Void (Gentleman Junkie Remix) Null Plus Void (Gentleman Junkie Remix)
  6. Envenom (STRVNGERS REMIX)
    by Vore Aurora
  7. The Loneliest Girl
    by Princess Chelsea
    Good Enough Good Enough
    I'm not such a lonely boy man listening to the Princess. I've got a surrogate auditory hallucination in mind, keeping me company.
    And when I grow up I'll be a real boy man, when I'm a Airship pirate. For now I've been buckling down because the devil won't leave me alone. On stealth mode trying new viruses, unmired in my creativity. When I know Satan'$ inside he knows I have the upper hand.
    Reach for Princess Chelsea as an idle fan. At least she knows she's cooler now. I understand and I do know this land.
    So buy her record man boy and girly women should!
    Or am I a $hiny black mantis coin creeping in the woods?
    Moon people are never understood.
  8. Heart Of The Hurricane
    by Beyond The Black
    Echo From The Past Echo From The Past
    I only started listening to BTB but yesterday. I'm always looking and searching out great new female metal leads.
    Truly excellent and fantazmological metallurgy music...ha! Seriously though, how can you not like Beyond The Black!
    I will have to start researching the vixen and vehement and venerable volition that's saturated my swollen soul.
    What a Band with a tight black gloved hand of individuals exemplifying sincerely great metal!
    If the hand belonged to Metal God Collosus, Odin, Zeus and The General Macrozord Defender of the Artist and Under Dog Consortium.
    I do declare that I'm hyping, level humble folk into an anxious bar raising that doesn't comfort anyone at all. I do hope you know I try way too hard to complement yet find uncommon yet peculiar cullings worth your interest.
    In my sick fantasy where in real life we would probably only buy a burrito together. I would be a blank eyed child staring out and into eyes over my league and bore you and disgust you being a total waste of time and pig.
    Though at least I know and thanks for making killer music BTB!
  9. Savior
    by SOFT KILL
    Swaddle Swaddle
  10. Part Time Punks: April 2018
    by Soft Kill
    Pretty Face (2018) Pretty Face (2018)
  11. J.Z.O.K.
    by Mass Gothic
  12. Complex
    by The Chills
  13. Dark Window
    by Mass Gothic
  14. Amends
    by Them Are Us Too
    Grey Water Grey Water
  15. Never Wanted to Dance (The Birthday Massacre's Pansy Mix) [feat. Chibi]
    by Mindless Self Indulgence
    appears in 1 other collection
  16. Within Reach
    by Bella Lune
  17. Tranzendance
    by Bella Lune
    Intoxicated Intoxicated
    Though my name ZacCanary- I think one day I will acquire my ship from a heist on US Navy/ Airforce.
    Then maybe I'll have some clout and sky cred |*(_+| but for now I have to give it up to those that have done and overcome much!
    I truly wish the best for BELLA LUNE and Co. Please Do Well with the inner life and glad to have Phx Goth.
    I love this latest work and like any writer, artist and chef it will only get better to stay in the game.
  18. Welcome to Bonkers
    by Nekrogoblikon
    The Skin Thief The Skin Thief
  19. A.I.
    by Mr.Kitty
    give/take give/take
    Meow Mr. Kitty- " The Glass Inside Your Head " song was epic Mr. Thunder Cat Man You!

    I needed that song to process a rather large amount of emotions concerning the Phoenix Epidemic as many People anywhere love the Glitter Trench(=_'/-(_=_)-\*_*) _|7O)____(OL|_
    )(____)( MMM0

    BASH PLEDJE' SEUS ET' MOISES. Ahh, ohh....Owata~*frake*~ICEE!

    Luv U All Weighs, Mr Kitty
  20. Goodbye Dinosaur...
    by Phoxjaw
    Dinosaur Bones Dinosaur Bones
    I Have been following your new work gentlemen! I certainly hope you entertain us with your authentic selves and music following in suit!
    So if I was ziggy in Quantum leap telling_ success most likely, take this hang train to no end men... Or perhaps Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventure and I'm Death with the yokes or jokes. Would you respect what your doing even though it doesn't measure up to the lame entertainment industry! We appeal to a Target Audience...mostly everyone! It's now the advent of roots to shoot like bamboo/\It just doesn't reflect yet right? I'm scarry and not scared to know what tells us man spell in ritual sounds of yonder this realm of turmoil untold. Please know your love is what I behold.
  21. The Great Cybernetic Depression
    by Princess Chelsea
    No Church On Sunday No Church On Sunday
    I LOVE The Minimalist Psychedelic Rock Theme to this DUO. Reminds me of Nancy Sinatra and Major Lee with "Phaedra". Though it's come current and I I like the detached lingering vocals that spin me right round on their Merry Go Round. Great Sirens though it reminds of very sensual naughty debauchery. The kind that is indulgent at Hollywood Parties and see.
    by Dream Crew Records
    Massive Extinction Massive Extinction
  23. Echos
    by Echos
    Gold Gold
  24. Technology is a Dead Bird
    by Mars Argo
    Technology is a Dead Bird Technology is a Dead Bird
  25. Runaway Runaway
    by Mars Argo
    Runaway Runaway Runaway Runaway
    Brittany Sheetz Argo Mars...mmm..._BOP*_*POB!

    "I'LL MAKE SUM MUZAC. I don't know about the music you need at all. I only got me- THE FAN! Maybe you'll feel COOLER NOW???°§¤ ₩μฯГ§ (_)P? ©°"
  26. Dream Wife
    by Dream Wife
    Somebody Somebody
    I'm digging the funk flair of this old school punk rock sound! It has great modern appeal and I'm very psyched to see where DREAM WIFE is Heading! I'm pining to see them in States even @ small venues! I say shoot for College towns @ medium venues. My faves- "Lolita" + "Somebody" + "F.U.U" also "Kids" cause' it's funky as CheeseCandy!
    These are some Twizzlered Sisterz! Respect DREAM WIFE OR THEY'LL CUT YOU WITH PSYCHO-KINECTIC MIND POWERS! BECAUSE LADY LIBERTY SAID SO! Is it all in my HED? Maybe! One thing is for certain, their Crazy too and their music is the SHIZZ NASTY SWEET Rocking Evidence!
  27. The Demonstration
    Induction Induction
    First off, I'm ashamed I didn't find this Alt. Rock Artist sooner! Second, he needs a Image Re-do, more minimal space vampire look maybe??, no offense! Third, Opinions are like my brand of brainus doesn't offend me, it's all relative when coordinating sight.
    I bought the album DEMONstration, so I must like his music and company...Peace-Ability, *_=Zachary Paul Hunter*_=
  28. 86
    by Infected Rain
    Queen Of The Candy World Queen Of The Candy World
    Reminds me of Playgirl Parasites I've known but I love Lena!! Lena and Company8>[!+) (+!]<3
  29. Let Me Go (feat. Lena Scissorhands)
    by NU-NATION
    Very Great Collaboration for Metal Music! Noice Worx!
  30. Electropop Sickle
    by Miss FD
    It make me freak nasty wigginz! Oh I love it!
  31. Glory
    by Good Morning
    Cab Deg Cab Deg
    I thought the highlight of this album was Cab Deg. I like Good Morning's lazy distorted vocals and their genuine honest melancholic but bright melodies. I feel their spectrum, down but optimistic somehow. I wish this band the best!
  32. Uppers
    by Low & Behold
    Blood Red Blood Red
    Very moving eclectro alt. rock! I love this Colaboration from Starflyer 59 and Demon Hunter! Please keep it going guys! It's not gay, it rules the 50 shades of light...Brilliantly Gray*
  33. Side Effex Of Make-Believe; divided for love's sake
    by Coultrain
    Kiss Of Death Kiss Of Death