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  1. ยา (Medicine)
    by Two Million Thanks
  2. Underwater Tell Each Other Secrets
    by The Speed of Sound in Seawater
  3. MMVI – MMIX
    by Meet Me In St Louis
  4. Tall Tales The Conscience Tells
    by Oh No, It's Birds
  5. dominononami
    by fullmarkscore
  6. Fuego!
    by Caitlyn Bailey
  7. Visibility Good
  8. DEMO
    by 1inamillion
  9. バレエ Ballet Mechanic EP
    by Nojikas
  10. Magpie e.p.
    by Cuckoo
  11. 1st demo
    by loqto
  12. Replication
    by loqto
  13. Molecules
    by Koala
  14. Trial: One
    by fulusu
    ash ash