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  1. Agape
    by The Color of Cyan
    Summer Days Summer Days
    Hailing from Chicago, which is not too far away from me, this ambient instrumental band has made a great backdrop to multiple parts of my day. Their music is smooth and melodic, perfect for relaxation and meditation. There is a beat to the transforming tunes that makes it a wonderful soundtrack to a day of light cleaning and dusting.

    If you're a fan of atmospheric instrumental post-rock tunes, this album will delight you. I don't actually have a favorite track - I loved them all!
  2. Open-Mindedness
    by Aura Blaze
    Open-Mindedness Open-Mindedness
    Digging this band's vibe. Very Doors meets the Beatles. If you're looking for a vintage feel that sounds like joyous 60s and 70s psychedelic rock, you'll find it here.

    While I loved all three tracks, and especially the groovy feel of The Summer Solstice, Open-Mindedness is my favorite. It's like the perfect mix of The Psychedelic Furs and the Bee Gees. Glorious vintage goodness!
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  3. High Road No.6
    by Shawna Virago
    High Road No. 6 is a clever and striking alt-country tune backed up by fabulous guitar work and Shawna's spectacular vocals. You truly get a sense of the artists' punk roots, while feeling a little like you're in a cool country club in the backwoods of Kentucky.
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  4. seven years of silence
    Ocean Ocean
    As a huge fan of synth and electronic music, I was blown away by this album. This most definitely speaks to the goth kid eternally living inside of me.

    Ocean is a very melodic and relaxing tune that almost feels like the heart beating inside your chest. A track just as melancholy to sway to as it is mesmerizing to meditate to.
  5. The Lake Sessions
    by Dopus Opus
    Speeding By Speeding By
    Speeding By is like a kaleidoscope turned to song. The music and mood of the song is kind of like a roller coaster, which is why I loved it. A powerful upbeat song, ending with birds tweeting - delightful!

    The rest of the album has a psychedelic meets folk sound, Each song has a story to tell. If you're a fan of 70s bluesy rock, I think you'd dig this. It has a hippy vibe to it.
    by Ajay Mathur
    "I Need You Now" is an honest track about needing people, needing love, needing the comfort of others in our lives.

    The upbeat tone of the song brings out the happiness one feels when being able to connect with another person, that zing you feel when holding the hand of someone you enjoy spending time with.

    A positive and energetic song that is sure to brighten your day!
  7. The Virtualistics
    by Patrick Ames
    Essential Worker Essential Worker
    From upbeat tracks, like "Rubber and Glue," to the laid back acoustic relaxing sounds of songs like "Great Bunch of Molecules," there's something for everyone.

    My favorite track is "Essential Worker." It really tells the story of what it was like for people working in fear while others were home hiding from a killer virus. It has a rock beat, but feels kind of like 80s dance music. No two songs sound the same.
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  8. The Cruel Fate Of Destiny
    by No Class Assassins
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  9. The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Cover Song)
    by Korn Feat. Yelawolf
  10. Knock 'Em Dead
    by Maggie May
  11. Repeater
    by Fugazi
  12. 13 Songs
    by Fugazi
  13. Road To Mallow
    by Peter Mulvey
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  14. Backwords
    by Dale Wicks
  15. Glass
    by Melissa Dylan
  16. Jes Kramer
    by Jes Kramer
  17. Dreamweaver
  18. Mr. Ray Gun
  19. Strato Sessions
  20. Modern Ancient Man