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  1. River For Your Dam
    by Eric George
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  2. Brainforest
    by zenxienz
    Insignia Insignia
    In the vein of bands like Flying Lotus, this band has created an amazing sound with their IDM music. It's mystical and magical. You will be enthralled by the sounds, all the bells and whistles. At times it feels as though you're listening to music from a far off land, maybe even from a far off time. This is my new favorite album for yoga, and life.
  3. Big Brother
    by Staring Into Nothing
    I love the sound of this track and I especially love the lyrics. The song is about Big Brother and how we're always being watched, but are we being watched for our own protection or are we being watched because of ill intent? The song almost has a bluesy sound to it, which makes it even easier to focus on the lyrics. It speeds up as it goes on, but you'll be hooked by then.
  4. Jihad du Jour
    by ds|fečo
    Feco makes some interesting experimental music. This song is pretty cool if you keep the volume turned down some, it can get a bit loud and ear piercing. I dug the beginning of this song, but it took me a minute to get used to the singing. It kind of has a goth meets EDM sound to it, in some ways.
  5. The Unlearning Curve
    by Post Death Soundtrack
    You Can't Go Back You Can't Go Back
    It's hard to pick a favorite track on this album. This is the kind of music that makes me passionate and makes me fall in love. I could easily compare the sound of this band to Depeche Mode, as well as Bowie's final album. It's new wave, electropop at its finest. The songs will make any Goth kid giddy. This is a very well recorded album and each song sounds divine.
  6. Dark Abyss
    by Immortal Sÿnn
    This band is pretty sweet. A lot of metal these days is all full of growling vocals that you can't understand. This has some of that growling in it, but not much (I like that). This song is a fast one. Very Iron Maiden. I hear a lot of my favorite metal bands in this, in fact. That's what makes me love it. Plus, I could understand every word of the vocals. If you're a fan of metal, check this out.
  7. Punk Cathedral
    by The Kiss That Took A Trip
    Ambient punk Ambient punk
    I love when music really embodies art and this album does that. It's a well sculpted mixed media collage of beauty and intrigue. My favorite song is "Ambient Punk," though I enjoyed them all. This is a great meditation album, or great when you need to get in the zone for anything (even creating art).
  8. Dinosaurs
    by Revolushn
    There are many reasons to love this song. First, it's about dinosaurs. Second, it has a killer guitar riff. And third, this band has a metal sound that combines with a psychedelic jam vibe. It's awesome.
  9. I Want That Boom Boom
    by Chrystyna Marie
    I love that if you judge this song by it's title you'll miss out on a great song that combines blues, rock, and a little bit of country. It's a gritty, sometimes dirty, song with some powerful female vocals. It is not what it seems... it is amazingly interesting.
  10. Cosmic Dance
    by Andrew Goldring
    This song has so much to say. Life is a weird path we all take and you suffer from confidence issues and more as you go. I feel like the lyrics of this song capture that feeling. I love Andrew's voice and the fact that this song showcases that he has quite a vocal range.
    by Adam Winn
    Burnout Burnout
    Having spent a lot of the last year at open mic nights, I have grown to have a special love for the singer/songwriter. That solo performer that does everything on his own and makes a sound that commands you to listen. Winn has that. These five songs are pretty amazing, and anyone that enjoys the sounds of a storyteller and likes folk music will enjoy this music. "Burnout" is my favorite track. It's a masterpiece about life and letting go. I could relate to it's lyrics, and I like that.
  12. Late in the Night
    by Eric Frisch
    This song has such a dreamy sound to it. Frisch is a talented musician and a talented singer and those things come through in this song. Late In The Night is may favorite track of the new EP.

    The lyrics are so natural. You can picture what he is singing about. Even the long notes keep you enamored.
  13. Something Good.
    by Matteo Scher
    Something Good Something Good
    I love this album because Scher has an excellent voice and is a very talented musician. Something Good is my favorite track. I liken Scher's sound to that of Elton John (one of my all time favorite musicians). If you enjoy easy listening music that is beautiful and you enjoy the sounds of the ivory keys, this is music you must hear.
  14. Believer (Live)
    by Michael P Cullen
    Michael P. Cullen has such a hauntingly awesome voice. His music reminds me a lot of a combination between Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. It's that same genre, that same darkness, that same beat. 'Believer' has a beat that makes you think it's a peppy and happy song, but Cullen's deep voice makes it more sinister. This music is a throwback sound and is something I'd have danced to in the goth clubs of the 90s.
  15. Theotokos
    by Saint Blasphemer
    Theotokos Theotokos
    This is such a great album. It's really a throwback to the good old days of metal music. Imagine some early Black Sabbath (especially during the title track). I also felt they have a varying sound, and fans of bands like Nirvana and even Danzig will dig this music!
  16. For The Dark Night
    by Andrew Nelson
    At The Foot Of The Mountain At The Foot Of The Mountain
  17. From The Shallows To The Deep
    by Brian Koenigsknecht
    Nova Nova
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  18. ... Episodes
    by Five By Five
    Mirrors Mirrors
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  19. Truth Is A Menace
    Apology Apology
    This band was so full of energy and embodied the post-punk music they made so well. I loved seeing them live. They are truly missed. I highly recommend Apology as your introductory track!
  20. Goth Beach
    by The War Between
    Take My Time Take My Time
  21. Elixir
    by Snake Oil Charlatans
    Dead Man Running Dead Man Running
  22. S/T
    by Parkhurst
    Petition Petition
    This was pure punk. They were one of my favorite GR punk bands back in the day. Their music still holds up well. I highly recommend you check it out, especially Petition. Would love to see a reunion show!
  23. Braille
    by Bet on Rats
    Braille Braille
  24. Be Serious EP
    by Blanca Luz
    Now That We're Old Now That We're Old
  25. PARTS
    by PARTS
    Pieces Pieces
    There may only be three tracks, but it's hard to pick a favorite. These gals have it going on. I love their synthpop sounds... it takes me back to times when music made you feel calm and warm, and when you couldn't help but sway and move fluidly to a song. Not only is this little cassette awesome, but these two girls put on a great live show as well.
  26. II: A New Batch
    by Murder Party!
    Family Business Family Business
    Totally digging this album. Love GR punk rock, and these peeps have it nailed down.
    Fairy Tales Fairy Tales
    Grand Rapids punk has some amazing bands, and this is one of them. Happy they released this on vinyl. It's a great album, and you'll find yourself playing it through a few times each listen.
  28. Bad News
    by First Curse
    Mari Mari
    Love this album. It's gritty and raw. It is a true punk album, and they sound amazing live as well.
  29. You Probably Won't Listen To This
    by Thomas Gun
    Broken Records Broken Records
    Thomas Gun can't do anything wrong when it comes to his place in the local music scene. I am a huge fan and this album makes me smile every time I listen to it.
  30. Too Pretty For Tijuana
    by Slumlord Radio
    Bullwhip Bullwhip
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this band. By far my favorite local band in the great city of Grand Rapids. This album is fantastic. It's rock, it's punk... and it sucks you in and makes you want to listen to their whole catalog of music!
  31. norepinephrine + dopamine
    by Odd Hours
    It's difficult to pick a favorite track off this album, since the whole thing is amazing. Recent changes to the band have me worried that the sound will never be the same, so I will forever cherish this release.