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  1. Oracle Bones
    by Patty PerShayla
  2. Break Me (feat. Chris Bursley)
    by Melissa Dylan
  3. It Will Come Out Of Nowhere
    by Post Death Soundtrack
    Expect No Sympathy Expect No Sympathy
    I'm an old school industrial music fan. This album makes me want to go get my 90s Goth boots out of the basement and dance around the house in a fishnet shirt. It's hard to pick a favorite track, but "Expect No Sympathy" really stood out to me. It has a sound that would have made it perfect on The Crow soundtrack, or even in the movie Queen Of The Damned. It's dark, mysterious... and even has some spooky moments.
  4. Maiden Michigan
    by Hundo
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  5. Set to Flame
    by LOKELLA
  6. Love in the Time of Satanic Panic 2: Dimes on Her Knees
    by Stovepipe
  7. Levitate the Base
    by Adam Rose
    Swampy Thang Swampy Thang
    Adam Rose is a talented musician. You can hear his talent in each instrumental track on this album - and knowing that he did all of this himself from the comfort of his own home is awe-inspiring.

    I was impressed with this entire album. From the jazzy notes to the bluesy sounds. The track I loved the most was "Swampy Thing." It has a darkness to it, but also something whimsical and vintage in the sound.
  8. I Need You
    by The Stone MG's
    This is a deep song. The lyrics really express what it's like to be addicted. For a song covering the topic of addiction, it stays with a jazzy and bluesy beat - not leaving you thinking it's about something it's not about. I love the sounds of the horns, it gives the song a late 80s/early 90s rock feel to it. It's a song I could imagine hearing on the soundtrack for a remake of 'St. Elmo's Fire' (but don't do that).

    If you like music with heart and soul, this song's got what you need.
  9. Real Horror Show
    by Stovepipe & The Nightmares
  10. Chosen Sons
    by Post Death Soundtrack
    This is like a combination of many of my favorite goth and industrial bands all in one. It's like Marilyn Manson (when he was still cool) meets VNV Nation. It's loud and rough, it's dark and deep... it's tormented.

    Post Death Soundtrack is doing an excellent job creating music for dark souls. This belongs on the soundtrack of a horror film.
  11. FIELDS AMAZE and other sTRANGE music
    by Patrick Grant
    Imaginary Horror Film - Part 1 Imaginary Horror Film - Part 1
    Strange music definitely sums up this album - strange and beautiful, to be exact. There is such a creative symphony of sounds going on, you couldn't possibly get bored listening to the tracks.

    Each song has a little something different to offer the listener. Imaginary Horror Film - Parts 1 and 2 are my favorite tracks. I love horror films, and the creepiness of these two instrumental tomes gave me the chills.
  12. Matterbloomlight
    by Anders/O'Bitz
    I love the mellowness of this track. The song is hauntingly beautiful, while the instrumentation has a meditative feel to it. It will inspire you to want to read the book that inspired it (check out the lyrics and info listed here on their BC page).

    Anders' music continues to amaze me. This track is one of my favorites so far.
  13. All the Water
    by Deb Montgomery
    All the Water All the Water
    A beautiful stripped down sound, natural and free. Reminiscent of Joni Mitchell - If you enjoy music that has a focus on the vocals and the lyrics, this is it. Deb's vocals are powerful and they sing through every cell of your body.

    This is the epitome of singer/songwriter music with a delightfully vintage folk feel. Each song has a different feeling and a different story.
  14. Orange Is For Love / Le Mouvement Perpétuel
    by Elvyn Rhud / Alpha du Centaure
  15. So Called Friends (feat. Peyton Lane, Damjan Kapor, Jeff Dombrowski, Maria Grigoryeva, Tony Pistilli)
    by Alien Country
    The vocals on the song are my favorite of the tracks I've checked out from Alien Country. I like the country vibe, but they are more than your average country music. This song has such an upbeat sound.

    I think one of the things that intrigues me the most about this band is that the singer voice makes me think of the Barenaked Ladies.

    Give it a listen if you love music with tight instrumentation and something unique.
  16. My Friends + Me (Vol. 1)
    by It's Just Craig
  17. Five Year Plan
    by Craig
  18. Her Light, When Autumn Came
    by Stovepipe
    Stay With Me, Tonight Stay With Me, Tonight
    I love everything about this album. Stovepipe's gritty vocals won me over awhile ago and I've been hooked since. These are songs about life - full of feeling, hopes, dreams, and pain. Let's just love each other.
  19. Whiskey Down
    by Diamonds And Whiskey
    This song has a bit of a classic country sound mixed with kind of an "outlaw" country vibe. It's a simple track, lyrically (as in, there aren't a ton of words to the song, but that doesn't make it any less great), but still oh so powerful. The vocal is impactful and makes the track something that will stick in your head permanently.
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  20. The Art Of Breaking Down
    by Andrew Nelson
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  21. Roswell
    by Brian Koenigsknecht
  22. Disco Death Roll
    by dust A.C.
  23. Love in the Time of Satanic Panic, 1
    by Stovepipe
  24. Easy on the Leather
    by Stovepipe
  25. In&In
    by Chain of Lakes
  26. Anthems For The Weary
    by Andrew Nelson
  27. God Bless These Shorter Days
    by Mat Churchill
  28. Walking on My Hands
    by Talk Radio
    It's awesome. This band has some great talent. Patty is one of my favorite local vocalists!
  29. sonateque (Single)
    by ars nova
  30. Raven King
    by Raven King
    Drifting Drifting
    This is an interesting album of grungy art music. While the first song almost turned me off to the album, I really dug the rest of it. The vocals seem to waver from time to time, but maybe that's the idea. Aside from that, there are some great grunge riffs within each song. I especially enjoyed "Drifting", but that wasn't the only song I liked. The interesting beat to "Marble" had me glued.
  31. Gravity
  32. Fever
    by Elena Andujar
    With elements of Flamenco and a great dance beat, this song has a lot of spunk. Andujar has a beautiful voice that begs you listen to it. "Fever" is a song I've loved for years, no matter who performs it. Andujar puts a great twist on it.
  33. Renaissance
    by Green Knuckle Material
    Soon As Soon As
    When I saw the categorization of this band I really expected to hear some nu-metal or some Kid Rock sounding (garbage)... I was pleasantly surprised to hear something different, new, and creative. 'Soon As' is only one of my favorite tracks. I like the rap stylings on this one, but I like the indie/alternative rock sounds the rap is mixed with on other tracks as well. The piano work on 'Hole' is phenomenal. What a talented group of musicians!
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  34. I Need You Tonight
    by Zeistencroix
    Industrial music fans will feel nostalgic listening to this song, as it truly has an old school industrial sound and feel to it. The beat is perfect for dancing to. The lyrics are interesting enough that you find yourself listening to the words that are spoken. This band could quickly become one of my new favorites.
  35. Thrash Your Head
    by Henry Metal
    I love that this song has riffs that would impress any metal fan. Riffs aside, the song also has that melodic metal feel (especially during the chorus). It's straight-up head-banging metal with a little something extra. You won't be able to keep yourself from banging your head to this one!
  36. Live from a Haunted House Show
    by Stovepipe
    Howling at the Moon Howling at the Moon
    Best live album of the year. Best concept album of the year. Patty, Oracle Bones is tied for my favorite track. These two make a great duo when it comes to creating a Halloween show worth seeing, and this live recording truly gives you a taste of what you missed if you weren't there.
  37. Flutter
    by zenxienz
    Zenxienz has a clever way of making so many odd sounds blend together into something that is not chaotic, but instead enjoyable to the ears and the soul. This music isn't for the faint of heart. It offers something relaxing, yet inspiring and motivational. Like a kick to the soul to get you thinking and moving.
  38. Blinding Love
    by Noise Ratio
    This is the second song I've listened to off this album so far. I like this one even more than the other. The piano work in both songs is what stood out to me the most. The lyrics are great and the writer has a great talent for words. I like that this has an experimental rock sound, but it's different than the other music I've been listening to this year.
  39. Distant Echoes & Close Encounters
    by Aurganic
    Empires Empires
    This band has some really good songs and it's really easy to listen to them. The songs seem long, but they capture your attention with some creative instrumentation. They have an alternative sound that is appealing if you're tired of the music being played on the radio. The vocalist is very talented as well.
  40. Holy Smokes
    by Slumlord Radio
    Holy Smokes is a song full of wild abandon and great guitar riffs. It's a punk song with power, much like you'd expect from Slumlord Radio. Raw and dirty, just how they like it.
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  41. I Hear Them All (This Land Is Your Land)
    by Eric Anders
    There are a lot of great tracks on this wonderfulyl written anti-Trump album from Anders, but this is my all-time favorite. It's a catchy song that reminds you of what a dire situation our country is in. It combines some beautiful and painful, and frightening, lyrics, with a song everyone knows. It's a memorable song and Anders voice is smooth.
  42. Lord Farquaad
    by Shrek Is Love
    This is my favorite track of the 3 available on this release. It's such a fun song. The music is beautiful on all of the songs, but I found this one to be the most upbeat with the most interesting story.
  43. The Last Stand
    by Westward
    This is such a great song and is proof this band has come a long way since their first release in 2015. I love that the singer's vocal talents have grown. This song kind of has a Rush meets Muse sound, to me anyway. It's an epic tune with some great guitar work.
  44. Time Makers
    by MAVARA
    "Time Makers" is by far my favorite track on this album. Mavara have a really cool sound that is reminiscent of bands like Dream Theater. This song is epic. The music is enthralling and the lyrics are very truthful.
  45. Shedding Skin
    by LOKELLA
    Man Down Man Down
    This is a group of talented musicians that have created an amazing sound. It's got some metal in there, but it's so much more than a genre. I love the vocals, and the singer's range. Every single song kicks butt on this album. I highly recommend it.