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Yvonne Glasgow

  1. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  2. Rock
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  1. Something Good.
    by Matteo Scher
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    Something Good Something Good
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  2. Believer (Live)
    by Michael P Cullen
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  3. Lines (Preview/Demo)
    by Only A Visitor
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    Visiting Light Visiting Light
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  4. Theotokos
    by Saint Blasphemer
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    Theotokos Theotokos
    This is such a great album. It's really a throwback to the good old days of metal music. Imagine some early Black Sabbath (especially during the title track). I also felt they have a varying sound, and fans of bands like Nirvana and even Danzig will dig this music!
  5. For The Dark Night
    by Andrew Nelson
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    At The Foot Of The Mountain At The Foot Of The Mountain
  6. From The Shallows To The Deep
    by Brian Koenigsknecht
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    Nova Nova
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  7. ... Episodes
    by Five By Five
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    Mirrors Mirrors
  8. Truth Is A Menace
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    Satellite Satellite
  9. Goth Beach
    by The War Between
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    Take My Time Take My Time
  10. Elixir
    by Snake Oil Charlatans
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    Dead Man Running Dead Man Running
  11. S/T
    by Parkhurst
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    All Fall Now All Fall Now
  12. Braille
    by Bet on Rats
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    Braille Braille
  13. Be Serious EP
    by Blanca Luz
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    Now That We're Old Now That We're Old
  14. PARTS
    by PARTS
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    Pieces Pieces
    There may only be three tracks, but it's hard to pick a favorite. These gals have it going on. I love their synthpop sounds... it takes me back to times when music made you feel calm and warm, and when you couldn't help but sway and move fluidly to a song. Not only is this little cassette awesome, but these two girls put on a great live show as well.
  15. II: A New Batch
    by Murder Party!
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    Family Business Family Business
    Totally digging this album. Love GR punk rock, and these peeps have it nailed down.
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    Fairy Tales Fairy Tales
    Grand Rapids punk has some amazing bands, and this is one of them. Happy they released this on vinyl. It's a great album, and you'll find yourself playing it through a few times each listen.
  17. Bad News
    by First Curse
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    Mari Mari
    Love this album. It's gritty and raw. It is a true punk album, and they sound amazing live as well.
  18. You Probably Won't Listen To This
    by Thomas Gun
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    Broken Records Broken Records
    Thomas Gun can't do anything wrong when it comes to his place in the local music scene. I am a huge fan and this album makes me smile every time I listen to it.
  19. Too Pretty For Tijuana
    by Slumlord Radio
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    Bullwhip Bullwhip
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this band. By far my favorite local band in the great city of Grand Rapids. This album is fantastic. It's rock, it's punk... and it sucks you in and makes you want to listen to their whole catalog of music!
  20. norepinephrine + dopamine
    by Odd Hours
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    It's difficult to pick a favorite track off this album, since the whole thing is amazing. Recent changes to the band have me worried that the sound will never be the same, so I will forever cherish this release.