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  1. Split Screen EP
    by Walk Home Drunk, Comité balnéaire
  2. Monstre folle
    by Chien Pourri
  3. split
    by Hinin, Litovsk
  4. Pillows
    by Pretty in Pink
  5. days of distortion
    by Pam Risourié
  6. Capharnaüm
    by Leny Müh
  7. Moselle Hillbillie
    by Sylvia Hansel
  8. Sylvia Hanschneckenbühl Does not sing Christmas
    by Sylvia Hansel
  9. Absolute, Kahlua & Bailey's
    by Sylvia Hansel
  10. Train Songs
    by Sylvia Hansel
  11. "Coruscant"
    by Guerre Froide
  12. "Kintsugi"
    by Martin Dupont
  13. Fiat Lux
    by Guerre Froide
  14. "Another Winter"
    by Collection D'Arnell-Andrea
  15. BREECH (acoustic)
    by Fenne Lily
  16. BREACH
    by Fenne Lily
  17. Начало прекрасной дружбы (Nachalo Prekrasnoy Druzhby)
    by Перемотка
  18. PRE 023: The Orchids – John Peel session 08.05.90
    by The Orchids
  19. Songs '94-'98
    by The Cat's Miaow
  20. Juste une idée obscure de ce qu'est la fierté
    by Le Seul Element