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  1. Pierceive
    by Screaming Banshee
    Progressive/Tech Death Metal album that is taking a direct influence from Human-Individual Thought Patterns era Death. This style still has a lot to offer.
  2. Parakosm
    by Feradur
    Crest Of Betrayal Crest Of Betrayal
    This band used to play a speed focused, groovy Death Thrash Metal with not much melodies. While keeping the same groove, they are exploring slightly slower yet broader variety of MDM songs with Folk, Speed, Heavy and Thrash Metal influences.
  3. SEIN - The Denial Of Death
    by CALLISTO rec.
    Spiral End Spiral End
    This is an ideal successor of Slaughter of the Soul album. All tracks are equally catchy compare to the original while being faster and more aggressive. The edgy guitar tuning is similar to ATG's earlier albums yet it has the clarity of the modern production. #2 is pure fast death thrash metal track that reminds me of In Thy Dreams.
  4. In The Void We Last
    by Exist
    Far Beyond The Light Far Beyond The Light
    Modern Thrash Metal album that pays homage to the original crossover thrashers, such as Nuclear Assault. Unlike typical neo- thrash folks, this album keeps entertaining the listers with brilliant solos and occasional DM two-bass blasting. #1 Is my favorite for having the sense of youthful energy that reminds me of Cyclone Temple.
  5. Killing Creator
    by Infected Chaos
    Killing Creator Killing Creator
    Straightforward Old-school/Gothenburg DM influenced Death Thrash Metal album similar to Bleeding Utopia. The second half of the album has tracks with darker atmosphere.
  6. The Wheel
    by Slaegt
    A Progressive Black Heavy Metal album that is somewhat similar to Tribulation's Children Of The Night where it uses NWOBHM at its core while also adding Black/Death Metal flavors. The ghostly hersh vocal style is also similar. Although this album is not as dull as recent Tribulation as it still feature some aggressive and fast components of extreme metals.
  7. Domus Mysterium
    by Slaegt
    Egovore Egovore
    An ideal Black Heavy Metal album. Although there are ghostly hashed vocal here and there, the large portion of playtime is filled with NWOBHM influenced guitarworks so it feels partially instrumental. The style of some riffs also reminds me of classic Metallica. (Check out #7.) Each tracks stands out from each other while they are being mildly progressive.
  8. Beautiful and Damned
    by Slægt
    by SEKHMET
  10. A Mass Of Despair
    by Cebren-Khal
    Mortshaped Mortshaped
    A Progressive Funeral Doom/MDM with melodramatic play influence. There are usually long, slow moments that builds up the tension until the Black Metal blasting part goes off. So the fast parts feel extra satisfying.
  11. Hellrazor EP
    by The Noctambulant
    G.H.B.M. G.H.B.M.
    Death/Black Metal EP with Thrash/Heavy Metal flavors. The last 3 tracks in particular are fast and compact in a way they speak to Death Thrash Metal bums like me.
  12. Advocatus Diaboli
    by The Noctambulant
  13. The Crowning Quietus
    by Inconcessus Lux Lucis
  14. Crux Lupus Corona
    by Inconcessus Lux Lucis
    Crux Crux
    Unique Progressive Blackened Death Metal EP from UK that integrates South/West Asian folk music. This has the reminiscence of UK Experimental Death Metal scene while being catchy and addicting. I also love the Black Heavy Metal closure.
  15. Martyrialized
    by Malevolence
    Old School MDM album similar to Sacrilege's Fifth Season but with higher BPM and constant aggression. It also has the Edge Of Sanity like creativity and Embraced like Gothic Metal influence.
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  16. Phobos Monolith - When The Light Will Fade
    by Pest Records
    Melodic Death Doom Metal with so many euphonious riffs and solos. This has the good vibe of early In Flames/Dark Tranquillity but with slower BPM. Also similar to Darkest Nightfall minus the droning atmosphere.
  17. Black Wisdom
    by Grey Heaven Fall
    The Lord is Blissful in Grief The Lord is Blissful in Grief
    Dissonant Black Metal that moves dynamically between chaotic blaze and the orderly composition. This album explores the ground DSO had passed too quickly during Kenose era.
  18. Like The Fearless Hunter
    by Nonexist
    A Meditation Upon Death A Meditation Upon Death
    Tracks in this album are a fusion between Grind/Groove Death Metal and MDM (similar to recent Carcass). Among them, I'm a fan of tracks 1, 3 & 6-9 that are thrashy while featuring plenty of Johan Reinholdz's guitar play that utilizes frequent rhythm changes and transpositions to head any direction.
  19. The Wake of the Fall
    by Fallensun
    Atmospheric Blackened MDM similar to Aetherian and Eternal Storm. This is the Romanticist subgenre of MDM that mixes together melancholic tunes, storming tremolo riffing and occasional acoustic verses with dynamic rhythm changes to depict the supreme environments and the law of nature.
  20. Into the Wild
    by Voodus
    Communion Amid the Graves Communion Amid the Graves
    Dissection-influenced Melodic Black Metal with more atmosphere and immersion. #5 is the highlight of this album where the sermonic rants and the dissonant choir situates a mysterious ceremony.