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  1. Kimono Kaleidoscope
    by Circular
  2. Primal
    by Jenhrä
  3. Sketches
    by Poppy Ackroyd
  4. The day she arrives
    by Shitao
  5. Music for Film and Theatre
    by Hania Rani
  6. The Arrow of Time: Soundtrack to Timelapse of the Future
    by melodysheep
  7. Paragon Circus
    by Altesia
  8. Open
    by Grandbrothers
  9. Dr.DAD
    by Frenic
    Nature Blues Nature Blues
  10. Orphan Loops
    by Ours Samplus
  11. One Day One Beat
    by Ours Samplus
  12. Last Frontier
    by Ours Samplus
  13. Kites
    by Submotion Orchestra
  14. Hazel
    by Wing Walker Orchestra
  15. From Nothing to Nowhere
    by September Again
    Circles Circles
  16. The Only Way To Reach The Surface
    by NORD
    VII. We Need To Burn Down This Submarine VII. We Need To Burn Down This Submarine
  17. Notes From The Underground
    by Gone Beyond & Mumbles
  18. "Unfinished / 未了" [LP]
    by Hubert Tas
  19. The Small Circle - "Mechanism" [LP]
    by Hubert Tas
  20. Colour Yes (Special Edition)
    by Matthew Halsall