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  1. Sinking Into Nothingness
    by Hevnoraak
    Winter deathdoom. To sit by a fireplace with a bottle of heavy red wine to, with a blizzard outside. Thanks Conor :)
  2. Depravation
    by Anal Vomit
  3. Nihilist
    by Mondbrand
    At the Pale Horizon At the Pale Horizon
    Excellent! Hard to believe this is one man. These leads will stay with me forever.
    Also, if I start to sing along halfway the second track it can't be bad ;)
  4. Morbidity
    by Obsidian Hooves
  5. Немирье (Single)
    by Икотка
    While waiting for the new album. Because this murders the world. Also, I love the title - Nemirye, like "state of no peace".
  6. Demoniac Flagellations
    by Anal Vomit
  7. The Perilous Path Of Pain (compilation)
    by NAXEN
    Now this makes sense! Thanks, Vendetta! I may even circle back for a physical.
  8. Spread Plague Death
    I bought this to have something to read on a train.
  9. Beyond The Macabre (Death Metal)
    What, I'm buying Rogga out of my own free will? :o
  10. As Life Drifts Away
    by Winds of Tragedy
    Sergio going blacker.
    But these trademark inimitable vocals and soaring guitars - how many are there, twenty? are there. Despite lyrical themes, to me this is actually uplifling, if not triumphant even. I rise, I fly!

    Sergio 👍
    by Les Acteurs de L'Ombre Productions
    Hehe, a new Ladlo sampler. First :D This is probably their best, too.
  12. Antagonisme
    by Vermanthropes
    Ain't sleeping...
    Disappointed by a certain today's release, went to wishlist to seek consolation. This is it.
  13. SAT028: Hellcraft - Tyranny Of Middle Ages (2012)
    by Satanath Records
    Cover sucks, content's sick :D
  14. Live Vitrification
    by Blood Incantation
    Conor! It all looks like you know me too well :D
    Thanks. But that BI live yesterday tho... mmmm...
  16. Time's Withering Shadow
    by Malthusian/Suffering Hour
    Malthusian are Malthusian, you know more or less what to expect from Malthusian, in the best way possible, but Suffering Hour is pure poetry. Thank you Ippo, what a nice surprise :)
  17. Adumbration of the Veiled Logos
    by Verberis
    Damn, the third (and winning) AOTY contender on the same day and I haven't even gotten to the I, Voidhanger releases yet. Sincere thanks for crushing me like this, Verberis and NoEvDia.
  18. Ancestor Of The New World
    by Wardra
    Ahh, this is good, this is dark. Kinda like you got lost in a mountain crevice. Thanks Mourner for digging this out.
  19. Entangled Excavations
    by Morkera
    Aww, Tobias! Now I understand :o

    Thanks. I'd probably have missed out if it wasn't for you. This is killer stuff. Drums to murder for.
    The number of murderous black metal debuts this year is beyond comprehension.
  20. False Light
    by White Ward
    UNHOLIEST OV FVKKS! White Ward at their most triumphant.