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  1. The Lord Of The Rings - One Ring To Rule Them All
    by Eliott Tordo
  2. The Lord Of The Rings - Concerning Hobbits
    by Eliott Tordo
  3. The Lord Of The Rings - The Riders Of Rohan
    by Eliott Tordo
  4. Code Lyoko - Un Monde Sans Danger
    by Eliott Tordo
  5. Asterigos: Curse of the Stars (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by WeiFan Chang
    Nostalgia (feat. Emi Evans) Nostalgia (feat. Emi Evans)
    "Somewhere in my heart, the memory is lost. Someone from the past will light up the dark."
  6. Han Solo and the Princess
    by Eliott Tordo
    So much Star Wars music from you lately, I love it!! <3
  7. Stranger Things (Abandoned)
    by Antimo & Welles
  8. Another Dream in Stardew Valley
    by Antimo
  9. Story Mode Archives
    by Antimo & Welles
    And the Universe Said I Love You And the Universe Said I Love You
  10. Lake Ridden Official Soundtrack
    by Patrik Jarlestam (Composer of Valheim Soundtrack)
    Bonus - Sofia Cello Theme Bonus - Sofia Cello Theme
  11. One Final Chaos - iOS
    by Patrik Jarlestam (Composer of Valheim Soundtrack)
  12. Eye of Odin (PC-VR)
    by Patrik Jarlestam, Malin Håkansson
    Yggdrasil is dead Yggdrasil is dead
    Real Valheim vibes here, I love it! <3
  13. Spare Party
    by Patrik Jarlestam
  14. Pull my tongue (iOS - OST)
    by Patrik Jarlestam
    appears in 1 other collection
  15. Departure To The West (Princess Mononoke)
    by Eliott Tordo
  16. A Water Lily (Suiren)
    by Eliott Tordo
  17. Leaves From The Vine
    by Eliott Tordo
    Your Avatar TLA covers are always so amazing, thanks for making this! <3
  18. Across The Stars
    by Eliott Tordo
  19. Hollowed Sorrow: In Her Name, A Fire
    by The Nomad Communion
  20. Haven
    by Eliott Tordo