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  1. At The Crack Of Dawn (EP)
    by Iku-Turso
  2. No Longer a Dweller in The Abyss
    by Göll
  3. The scorch of Basan demo
    by Apovrasma
  4. De god van ongeveer
    by Augusteyns/Badenhorst/Thielemans/Pawlowski
  5. Split
    by Levendleed
  6. In a surge of anguish
    by Argwaan
  7. Vitriool
    by Weerzin
  8. Galgenbrok
    by Schavot
  9. Bestial Recordings
    by Deathcult
  10. Naagauk
    by Naagauk
  11. The Gnosis
    by The Gnosis
  12. Wesenwille - I : Wesenwille
    by Wesenwille
  13. Weltschmerz - Illustra Nos
    by Weltschmerz
  14. Realm Of Rides & Romance
    by Elko B.
  15. De Zoute Kwel
    by Grafjammer
  16. The Dying All
    by Dodenkrocht
  17. Live at Freak Valley
    by King Buffalo
  18. God Must Love Me
    by IJdelheid
  19. Wake of a Nation (EP)
    by Zeal and Ardor
  20. The Secret Teachings
    by Celestial Season