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  2. Electronic
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  1. Freaky Tweaky vol​​​.​​​4
    by Yebisu303
  2. S-N
    by Funwari-chan
    by Serph
  4. Atmosphere -Serph Progressive Remixes-
    by amiinA
  5. Atomosphere (Instrumental)
    by amiinA
  6. Kurayami No Iro -Colors of the Dark-
    by rei harakami
  7. AR30​: New Year Compilation 2019
    by yuichi NAGAO,Soshi Takeda,DJ Pigeon,nok,RieMellowJunk,rigly chang,Rept.
  8. 鉄男-ep
    by Go-qualia
  9. Stealth
    by Takao
  10. Silent Night
    by TANUKI
  11. MYTHOPOEIA Soundtracks
    by Serph
    by Serph
  13. Xeno -Catasterismi- (disc1)
    by Go-qualia
  14. Thophia
    by Unitone
    Valor Valor
  15. Lucky Static
    by I Am Robot And Proud
  16. Event Horizon
    by Serph
  17. sayonara hitobito / amenone
    by Smany & Nyan-Nyan Orchestra
  18. AR30​: Late Summer Compilation 2018
    by AR-30
  19. カタカナ・タイトル EP
    by TANUKI
  20. Old J-Core Remixes ('10~'14)
    by TANUKI
  21. Shapes and Missing
    by Flow and Stagnation
  22. lust
    by rei harakami
  23. Hypnotism
    by Hiroto Kudo
  24. Sky Ladder
    by Yebisu303
  25. From The Seabed
    by Yebisu303
  26. Freaky Tweaky vol​.​2
    by Yebisu303
  28. lust scene ep
    by Yebisu303
  29. Freaky Tweaky vol.1
    by Yebisu303
  30. Endogenous Eternity
    by Clouds Generator
  31. paranoir antares
    by erica itami
  32. Olivier Bogé "When Ghosts Where Young"
    by Olivier Bogé
  33. Untitled (AITAOA #2)
    by Portico Quartet
  34. Kanji Title
    by TANUKI
  35. Mokelembembe EP
    by Quarta 330
  36. July Cat
    by Virtual Cat
  37. Yaneura Cat
    by Virtual Cat
  38. Rojiura Cat
    by Virtual Cat
  39. Reassemblage
    by Visible Cloaks
  40. from 4jyo-han to everywhere (again)
    by effe
    Wondersketch Wondersketch
  41. Escapeland
    by effe
    fortress of ice fortress of ice
  42. Aerialist
    by Serph
  43. lostworld
    by mamomo
  44. 海底神殿
    by mamomo
  45. MEGURI
    by world's end girlfriend