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Yin Yun Yang

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  1. Våg i Fyra Delar
    by Ratvader & Joel Bille
  2. Out of Our Hands (JETT: The Far Shore)
    by Jim Guthrie
  3. Island Antics (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Fat Bard
  4. Death's Door
    by David Fenn
    The Crows The Crows
    The whole album's great, hard to choose a favorite from the bunch.
  5. Song of the Eternal
    by Alex Roe
  6. GCR012 - Machineries of Joy - Alternative Versions
    by Sea Power (Golden Chariot Records)
    by Sea Power (Golden Chariot Records)
  8. Everything Was Forever - Instrumentals
    by Sea Power
  9. GCR017(d) - Let The Dancers Inherit The Party - Instrumentals
    by Sea Power (Golden Chariot Records)
  10. Sounds of Sympathy
    by fingerspit
  11. The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood Original Soundtrack
    by fingerspit
  12. Zero Memories
    by Frozenith
  13. Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew (Original Game Soundtrack
    by Filippo Beck Peccoz - FBP
    Stranger Waves Stranger Waves
  14. Fan Songs Vol.1
    by Paul Looney
  15. Fan Songs Vol. 2
    by Paul Looney
    God, Please (Disco Elysium) God, Please (Disco Elysium)
    Honestly could listen to a bunch of these just looping and looping, but man God, Please hits a real impactful spot.
  16. Music for Virtual Malls
    by Hakita
  17. Music for Virtual Museums
    by Hakita
  18. The Enigma of Heaven and Other Daily Delusions
    by Hakita
  19. Attack of the Fiddler Queen
    by String Player Gamer
  20. Overclocked High Heels
    by M. Bulteau