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  1. Morbidity Triumphant
    by Autopsy
  2. Time Heals Nothing
    by Crowbar
  3. Live +1
    by Crowbar
  4. Diário de Guerra
    by Holocausto
  5. Severed Survival
    by Autopsy
  6. Blasphemy Made Flesh
    by Cryptopsy
  7. Emanations From The Crypt
  8. Survival Of The Sickest
    by Bloodbath
  9. Origin of Murder
    by Amputated Genitals
  10. Orgy Of Decomposition
    by Cesspool Of Vermin
  11. A Feast of Festering Flesh
    by Necrambulant
  12. You Should Have Died When I Killed You
    by Guttural Corpora Cavernosa
  13. Zoopocalypse
    by Atoll
  14. Devouring Mortality
    by Skeletal Remains
  15. Serial Urbicide
    by Extermination Dismemberment
  16. Orgasm Induced Diarrhea
    by Goratory
  17. The Beyond
    by Sickening
  18. Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos
    by Burial
  19. Mutated Chaos
    by Disembodiment
  20. TRIAGE
    by TRIAGE