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  2. Metal
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  1. Trip to Poland
    by WEEDIAN
  2. Galgendood
    by GATEWAY
  3. Nordkarpatenland
    by Malokarpatan
  4. Viimaa
    by Getšemane
  5. Trip to Oregon
    by WEEDIAN
  6. Unison Life
    by BRUTUS
  7. Seraphic Punishment
    by MAUL
  8. A Lantern Swathed
    by Erreth-Akbe
  9. Trip to Japan
    by WEEDIAN
  10. Bloodmoon: I
    by Converge & Chelsea Wolfe
  11. Soulgazer
  12. Famine, Putrid and Fucking Endless
    by Atvm
  13. Her True Nature
    by The Nest
  14. The Singularity
    by Wo Fat
    Orphans of the Singe Orphans of the Singe
    Blues metal for stoners who got sick of Classic Rock radio decades ago. Burn it slow, burn it long, and then smoke the ashes.
  15. Zwart vierkant
    by Grey Aura
    De onnoemelijke verleidelijkheid van de bezwijkende deugd De onnoemelijke verleidelijkheid van de bezwijkende deugd
    Jazz, Metal, Avant Garde, Fusion. So weird, it makes me normal.
  16. Foreverglade
    by Worm
    Cloaked In Nightwinds Cloaked In Nightwinds
    Murk and madness.
  17. Deathstar
    by Convulse
    Chernobyl Chernobyl
    Death Metal for the modern world.
  18. Sign Of The Devil
    by Dopelord
    Doom Bastards Doom Bastards
    Doom as doom should be: Doomy and delicious.
  19. Kopár hant... az alvilág felé
    by Rothadás
    Kripta Kripta
    Lucifer and acid reflux meet in the esophagus of hell.
  20. Eden Eviscerated
    Ivory, Horn and Blood Ivory, Horn and Blood
    Brutal as a brute beating you to a bloody pulp.