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DJ Provan

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  1. DLR - Money Till I Got None LP
    by DLR
  2. DLR - Fake Money
    by DLR
  3. Molecular - Check It VIP - [Free Track]
    by Molecular
  4. UK GRIM
    by Sleaford Mods
  5. Digital's Dirty Dubs Vol. 1 - Splatter Test Press
    by Digital
  6. False Idol
    by Drum Cypha
  7. Jugular
    by Drum Cypha
  8. Gumbo Style
    by The Sauce
  9. Ill Vibe
    by The Sauce
  10. Black Cat Hot Sauce
    by The Sauce
  11. Get Lost (FREE DOWNLOAD)
    by The Sauce
  12. Round The Corner / On A Mission
    by The Sauce
  13. Cosmic Burst
    by Drum Cypha
  14. Shaken Not Stirred
    by The Sauce
  15. Stir It Up (with Carasel) / Buggin'
    by The Sauce
  16. Depth Charge Riddim / Hear Them Style
    by DJ Vapour
  17. DJ Red - Enta Da Dragon - 2021 Remaster
    by Trouble on Vinyl Music
  18. All Thing To All Men
    by The Cinematic Orchestra
  19. OSRT Recordings Volume 1
    by Flow, Beardy, Fav & Worldwide Epidemic
  20. The New Normal EP
    by Drum Cypha
    Himself and cypher D are showing the mordern sounds of real darkcore dnb who constantly produce music that clearly are surpasses the pioneers of this style of dnb of the likes of break to digital. What's best is the fact that people who have no understanding of this music simply don't understand the true style of what is pure hardcore. No offence but it's way to complex for them to understand it. Yet once a true junglist you can't never change that that fact! As you can stand pround of that