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  1. Dry Thirst
    by Space Boy
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    77 MPH 77 MPH
  2. Goblin Music
    by Ranseur
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    Goblin Bonfire Goblin Bonfire
    Not sure if the amount of hiss is a gimmick or unintentional, but the music itself is very lovely from this New Jersey one man band: repetitive, gentle, hypnotic. A great example of dungeon synth. Ambient, somewhat dark, medieval.
  3. live at The Salt
    by rayah
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    owl owl
    Saw these guys at a small place in Gainesville FL for $4. Very beautiful instrumental 3-piece who use echo/delay well and have an amazing drummer. Dreamy and compelling.
  4. Nightshade EP
    by He Whose Ox is Gored
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    Nightshade Nightshade
    Saw them at Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland, CA, and was impressed. Kind of a more spastic version of Flesh of the Stars. Epic music, heavy and brutal and pretty.
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    Electro-punk ambiguously about, and only about, weightlifting culture? What's not to like? Also a great live band. The tape version has sampling and extra stuff not on other releases. This is a masterpiece. MUSCLES.
  6. Jedi Scum
    by Jedi Scum
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    These Blast Points, To Accurate For Sandpeople These Blast Points, To Accurate For Sandpeople
    Saw these guys live and the singer-guitarist mouthed all the Star Wars samples. Great powerviolence music exclusively about the first Star Wars movie. Samples and music collide wonderfully. Tape was a cool color, too.