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  1. Some Friendly
    by The Charlatans
    There's an avenue where the silhouettes dance
    And the Sun there shines down
    Day and night
    Nobody looks there
    Everybody knows there
    Good times grow there
    Come on, baby, let's go there

    Fun never waits there
    It starts at the gate there
    Don't you be late there
    Just get there

    Wafer thin shadows dance in nostalgic meadows
    Yeah, dance there
    There's a lane there where they dance
    And the Sun shines day and night there
  2. I Love The New Sky
    by Tim Burgess
  3. Typical Music
    by Tim Burgess
  4. Lick my decals off, baby (advertisement)
    by Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
  5. Vampire Suite
    by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
    The original Captain Beefheart track is called Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee and is from 1980's Doc At The Radar Station*.
    This live version can be found on the Grow Fins - Rarities 1965 to 1982 album.

    *DATRS was considered to be a return of form for Captain Beefheart by Beefheart fans as it was compared favourably to the Decals album of ten years prior. Decals was the follow up album to the subliminal Trout Mask Replica.
    All Beefheart albums should be critiqued separately.
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  6. Khaki Tears
    by Warmduscher
    Uncle Sleepover Uncle Sleepover
    A typical musician's nest of thoughts filter through dust speakers...
    the surface of a friend...
    this high book a friend laid on me...
    on the couch relaxing in the corner behind a still life pond with plenty of bugs and lily pads slurred in mud banks and boulders, tin cans and raisins warped by thought.
    Strain on the spoon like a wheat check - check Bif - cotton popping out of his sleeve...
    Poop hatch open - big poop hatch with a cotton hatch
    now the sun can burn you but...
  7. Mona Mur
    by Mona Mur
    Ritz Ritz
    After forty years and after forty nights
    Making some food for the Israelites
    Out on a limb inside the Heights
    Lies a machine out of sight
    Not much air, breathing still
    Sleeping mummy who did you kill?

    They closed your eyes and left you to rust
    Many prayed for you to turn to dust
    You need a man from Hereabouts
    To find where you are and dig you out

    Wow, what a find!
    JJ Burnel and Dave Greenfield (of The Stranglers) both appear on this album.
    An excellent curio to add to my collection.
  8. Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course Original Soundtrack
    by Kristofer Maddigan
    Baking the Wondertart Baking the Wondertart
    The musical pace of this album picks up on Baking The Wondertart. It transcends from 30's style jazz to almost a Be-Bop. And it is those last few tracks that stand out for me.
    Whereas the 'Orange' album has pulsating 20's and 30's jazz rhythms which push the player through the game this 'Green' album is more what I would call music for a video game... more like background music, or character themed music.
    Join Cuphead, Mugman (his brother) and their friend Miss Chalice for more DLC adventures.
  9. Cuphead - Original Soundtrack
    by Kristofer Maddigan
    Fiery Frolic Fiery Frolic
    Cuphead is a fiendishly difficult, but brilliant, game to play*. The characters (and sets) are all hand-drawn* in a early 1920's/30's style of animation and move in a 2D sideways motion. Due to it's excellent hand-drawn animation Cuphead took ten years to complete*.
    The music is incredible and I would recommend listening to BBC 3's Sound Of Gaming on the BBC Sounds app where you can listen to an interview with composer Kristofer Maddigan.

    *according to my son who thoroughly recommends Cuphead.
  10. The Fantasy of Reality
    by Jeff Cotton
    Crusin' Hamakua Crusin' Hamakua
    Jeff Cotton played guitar on three Captain Beefheart albums (Strictly Personal, Trout Mask Replica and Mirror Man).
    After Beefheart, Jeff released three further albums with a band called MU, with (prior to Beefheart) collaborator Merrell Fankhauser.
    After almost 50 years Jeff will release a solo project, The Fantasy Of Reality.

    Jeff Cotton remains with high regard and fond affection from fans of Captain Beefheart.

    Track 18 is called Mother Earth Needs Healing
  11. NDR Jazz Workshop – Hamburg, Germany, May 17, 1973
    by Soft Machine
  12. Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? (#ProveYourHumanity Infinitely Improbable Edition)
    by Chris Opperman & Kurt Morgan
    Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? v. 7.67 (Scheila Gonzalez) Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? v. 7.67 (Scheila Gonzalez)
    Favourite Track is track 6.

    Well, here we are... the Prove Your Humanity version.
    The rules are located here, so have a go and submit.
  13. Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? (Standard Edition)
    by Chris Opperman & Kurt Morgan
    Derinkuyu, the Underground City Derinkuyu, the Underground City
    What a brilliant concept from Chris Opperman and Kurt Morgan.
    They have created a musical template of Are We Living In A Computer Simulation? which can be found in the accompanying album*.
    They invite artists to play over the tracks in any way, shape or form they wish and then upload the result which could be included on the album.
    There are rules to this so please study the notes to the accompanying* #ProveYourHumanity version of the album.

    Have fun, create then upload.
  14. The Great Lost Gods and Monsters
    by Gary Lucas
    Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro
    Even though I had problems receiving this album after I had bought it as a pre-order (I complained twice to the Bandcamp admin) it turns out to be a very good live album.

    Gary's guitar work is brilliant, as it always is. Take Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro for instance. It is an incredible piece of guitar playing. And Billy Ficca's drumming on this track is great too.
    After a 40+ year career in music Gary has left a stellar legacy. So many albums, collaborations and, of course, Captain Beefheart.
  15. I Am The Walrus-JJ Burnell
    by Kloot Per W
    Certainly a curio from the JJ Burnel camp.
    The track is from a John Lennon tribute album that was originated by Kloot Per W who played bass with Polyphonic Size, a band that JJ has produced in the past.
    The tribute album is a little hit and miss (and that's being polite). There are only two tracks that I like. This one and Strawberry Fields by John Bosco.
    I decided to buy this track before it gets lost in the ethernet of miscellany.
    Hugh Cornwell has Totem And Taboo on Bandcamp.
  16. Circles
    by Moon Duo
    Sparks Sparks
    The moon was a drip on a dark hood
    And they were driving around and around.
    Tush tush,
    You lose your push
    When you beat around the bush.
    And Circles don't fly, they float.
  17. Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
    by Tribute to The Smiths
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (En Español) There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (En Español)
    My spirit's made up of the ocean,
    The sky, the sun and the moon
    And all my eyes can see.
    I cannot go back to your world of gloom,
    Where black jagged shadows
    Remind me of the coming of your doom.
    I want my own land.
    Take my hand and come with me.
    It's not too late for you,
    It's not too late for me
    To find my homeland
    Where a man can stand by another man
    Without an ego flying
    With no man lying
    and no-one dying by an earthly hand.
    Take my hand.
    My smile is stuck.
    I cannot go back to your Frownland.
  18. Darkroom - The Best of The Scaramanga Six
    by The Scaramanga Six
  19. Sea Change
    by BAIT
    My Tribe My Tribe
    Well my cigarette died when I washed my face.
    Dropped some drops in an ashtray, hit a wrong place.
    Open up my blinds to see spiders spinning nines.
    It's as SAFE AS MILK.
    I never heard it put quite that way.
    The shape I'm in is worn away.
    They called a day. They called a day.
    Yesterday's papers headlines approach rain gutter.
    Pop up toaster crackling.
    Aluminium rhythm and sound.
    Electric bulb been out for years.
    I may be hungry but I sure ain't wierd.
  20. TWR
    by The White Rattlesnake