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Dan Gorman

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  1. The Skid is Hot Tonight
    by BA Johnston
  2. Treasure Pains EP
    by Slow Mass
  3. If It Rhymes It's Real
    by Wordburglar
  4. Keep It Safe
    by Wild Ones
  5. Gremlinz 3
    by B.A. Johnston
  6. Turd
    by Charly Bliss
    A great song by one of the most exciting bands going right not (cannot WAIT for the full length) and the proceeds go to a super important cause. Donate, get a rad song from a dope band; win-win.
  7. Sleepaway Cramp
    by Taken By Savages
  8. Really Into You
    by Tearjerker
  9. Jimmy's Dead
    by Cursed Arrows
  10. SQUIRM
    by MeanGirls
  11. Take One
    Nothing Nowhere Nothing Nowhere
    Dirty off-the-floor melodic noise-rock from Toronto's best.
    H E L L !
    Y E A H !
  12. Chrysalis
    by ColdMoth
    Gorgeous elecronic music that fuses together a plethora of influences into a wholly original sound. If you've ever found anything to love in the artists on Ghostly, or groups such as Boards of Canada, Lusine, Tycho et al, then you've found potentially your new favourite artist in ColdMoth. A stunning achievement for a debut LP.
  13. Stay Wild
    by Tearjerker
    Another phenomenal album from the ever-consistent Tearjerker. Easily one of the best bands in Toronto, everything these guys do is fussed over and delicately put-together in a way that makes each listen better than the last. Get up on this release if you haven't yet!
  14. Occam's Razor
    by The Spills
    Heat Death Of The Universe Heat Death Of The Universe
    A criminally underrated record.
  15. Hiding With Friends
    by Tearjerker
  16. Hiding With Friends
    by Tearjerker
  17. Hiding
    by Tearjerker
  18. Rare
    by Tearjerker