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  1. Ouwayre
    by Act of Entropy
  2. Ss'unnhl
    by Ar'lyxkq'wr
  3. Anomalous Altrium
    by Zvylpwkua
  4. Lux Sine Lumine
    by Lux Sine Lumine
  5. Cult
    by Vertebrae Fetish Totem
  6. Shaping Fatal Principes
    by Act of Entropy / Zebulon Kosted
  7. N'yxlwrr
    by Ar'lyxkq'wr
  8. Ghostwritten
    by Carrion
  9. hate
    by a quiet place to die..
  10. Aegisthus
    by Aberrant Vascular
    An essential album for any avant-garde Enthusiast
  11. Wishdream
    by Abstract Void
    The Perfect Blackwave album (to date)
  12. Spectre By Frequency Only
    by Airlock
  13. Sacnisa
    by Aisna
  14. Hidden Beneath The Veil of Stars
    by Alkilith
    Perfectly captures that nautical nostalgia
  15. Analeptic psychen
    by Analeptic Psychen
  16. MMXXI²
    by Anguine
    Beautifully Harrowing
  17. Antediluvian Dreamscapes
    by Ante-Inferno
  18. Feel
    A perfect example of claustrophobic Dankness
  19. Stellarum Nocte
    by Apothecary
    That Which Who Sowed the Seeds of Discord That Which Who Sowed the Seeds of Discord
    This project is sonically disturbing. There are few composers with enough imagination to pull off what is here
  20. Nightcolors
    by Arapaima