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  1. Recklinghausen
  2. Цукумогами/Гость ушедшего времени
    by зорки во
  3. сёрф (live)
    by увула
  4. Watte
  5. KR I
  6. Control (single)
    by Vice Versa
  7. The Gold & Silver Sessions
    by Elder
  8. Sergio
    by The OMY
  9. Dancer In Nowhere
    by Miho Hazama m_unit
  10. ст. Обловка (single)
    by Dvanov
  11. Холодное Солнце
    by Polska Radio One
  12. London Sessions
    by Föllakzoid feat. J. Spaceman
  13. Hidden by the Leaves
    by Primary substance
  14. Naoborot
    by Vice Versa
    Paranoia Paranoia
    VV finally going Russian and it just hits the spot.
    More funky and bluesy but still sprinkled with bits of heavy-psychiness from good old times here and there. Well balanced, cheerful and yet sadly romantic. Complex as always, making you listen for more and more again and again trying to catch all the nuances, they are definitely the best band I encountered on the russian underground rock music scene. Always evolving, expanding the boundaries of their style, incorporating new and not afraid of changing things while keeping the sound properly full, rich and just so fucking good.
    Besides, the drummer is a damn amazing bastard with probably few more hands in his pocket. Masterpiece from cover to cover.
  15. Lopasti Buddy (2019)
    by Menk.
  16. demo tapes vol. II
    by шум. волн
  17. Off The Beaten Track (Live At Propolis 2014)
    by Mother's Cake
  18. так я в детстве все и представлял
    by источник
  19. Disclosure
    by Sonic Black Holes
  20. Radiant Light
    by Canyon
  21. Existential Crisis
  22. Ant football
    by St.Petersburg Blind Orchestra
  23. В лесу
    by Где-то там
  24. Сотни Тысяч Цветов/Космолёт - single
  25. 1st
    by Violet
  26. No Rhyme No Reason
    by Mother's Cake
  27. Becoming
    by Mammal Hands
  28. Sgt.Badtrip
    by The OMY
    In My Blood In My Blood
    Damn thrilling - wild heavy psych making you lose rationality and turn to a beast, burning everything to the ground and striking to the bones
  29. still life
    by still life
  30. Live In Brussels
    by All Them Witches
  31. Reflections of a Floating World
    by Elder
  32. Something Inside Me (Rockfield Live Demo)
    by The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk
  33. Avantdale Bowling Club
    by Avantdale Bowling Club
  34. Chelovek-Motor (2018)
    by Menk.
    appears in 1 other collection
  35. bad trip/feel all right
    by mystic train
  36. Rehearsal Jams
    by Vice Versa
  37. ты и твоя тень
    by увула
  38. ok2222 x j'san - on and on (feat. khai dreams & barnes blvd.
    by ok2222
  39. Beyond Beyond is Beyond 2018 Summer Jam Sampler
    by Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records
  40. Povolzhskiy hedonism
  41. дом
    by увула & cherry candy
  42. The Beginning Starts With the End SP
    by The OMY
  43. In My Blood
    by The OMY
  44. Summernight
    by The OMY
  45. Forest of Lost Children
    by Kikagaku Moyo