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  1. "May All Things Dissolve In The Ocean Of Bliss" (NORENT026)
    by Astro // White Widow
  2. Blind World
    by Shredded Nerve
  3. Ferric Memory
    by Moss Harvest
  4. Death Is Salvation
    by Plagues
  5. A Garden Dissolves Into Black Silk
    by Lisa Lerkenfeldt
  6. Hallucination Loop
    by Ellery Everet
  7. Lone Lapses
    by Four Ages
  8. Darkness Over Najaf
    by Herukrat
  9. Force Of Damnation
    by Serration
  10. The Fountain A Conduit
    by Woodbender
  11. ,,,,,,,,,,,
    by Yosuke Tokunaga
  12. Gezeiten
    by Felix Roßkopf
  13. Live From Unknown
    by Andrea Porcu
  14. Sea Creature Reworks
    by Cremation Lily
  15. Learn From Water
    by Music For Sleep
  16. Adaptive Emotional Use
    by Death Kneel
  17. Under Gange
    by øjeRum
  18. Reserve
    by Music For Sleep
  19. Care And Gestures
    by Music For Sleep
  20. Atlantis
    by Steingrab