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  1. Apterous
    by Apterous
  2. Ziggurat Beyond The Unseen Shroud
    by Thebes
  3. Night of the Raven
    by Thamnos
  4. Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity
    by Moonlight Sorcery
  5. Harbinger of Handcuffs
    by Eclipsed Vehemence
  6. The Frozen Trail
    by Hollow Decay
    Lucid Lucid
    Wow! What an impressive release! Awesome quality melodic death metal with progressive, black metal and acoustic elements woven seamlessly into the fabric of the album. Beautiful deep growls too. Just delightful! 🏆
  7. Nectar
    by Silent Skies
    You dont have to crank the volume all the way up to understand this music. Listening to it is like listening to your heart ❤ Deep, sincere, emotional ... It will tell you more about your feelings than even you know. Totally unique and special
  8. Soulsearching
    by Soliloquium
  9. Self-titled
    by Sealed
    Haunted Haunted
    Whoa! Such a mind-blowing album from my countrymen! 🔥 You guys rock so hard! Could not for the life of me choose a favorite song, they are all so perfect! Brilliant work! So much diversity in terms of genres here: some songs are more thrash, others have some doom in them, some have a black metal tinge 🔥 Killer album!
  10. The Endless Endeavour
    by Drawn Into Descent
    Wither Wither
    Have been spinning this album for a few months now, and it just never gets old. So much beauty in their music: sometimes serene, sometimes turbulent ... But invariably gorgeous! ❤
  11. Suffer to Glory
    by Solstice Rider
  12. When The Darkness Comes
  13. Hour of the Nightingale
    by Trees of Eternity
  14. Surutyö
    by Vaino
  15. Leaving
    by Silent Skies
  16. Unleashed
    by Anam'Kara
  17. In The Hours Beneath
    by Eneferens
  18. The Bleakness Of Our Constant
    by Eneferens
    Selene Selene
    Amazing album! Once you press the play key, you will not want to pause it until the album ends. Gorgeous atmosphere, delicious melancholy, superb melodies... Awesome find!
  19. Lost Elegies
    by Primalfrost
    Tenebrous Skies Tenebrous Skies
    Such a spectacular release! It was next to impossible to choose a favorite song. Brilliant guitar solos, amazing deep growls, beautiful melodies, all these things make it an outstanding album! For me, one of the best releases of 2021
  20. Here, at the end of all things
    by Nostalghia