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  1. Paradise
    by SYNTHAID 2018
    Sure. You can say that the money you raised is for charity and secretly take all money donated to yourself, but in that case I will call it a well deserved fair trade.

    Excellent Job! Yet, nothing surpass the highly devined soundtrack of Sonic CD. Shining light years above anything I ever encountered.

    Hope to see you giving in for the greater good as you promised!
  2. CRY (SAD Edition)
    by Knasibas
  3. Spring 2019
    by SAC2019
    Had to even up my collection. Apologizes
  4. Unhear This
    by Fleassy Malay
    As long as you use the arrogance and audacity you have for the greater good like giving others in need I can sum it a fair purchase
  5. Originality
    by creative_reality17
    These loops might fit well in a web-game or application. I wouldn't mind to use them on my own for such purpose.
  6. Positive Well-Being
    by creative_reality17
    These are the basics. The fundamentals of ambient soundtracks. The bread and butter of electronic slow tempered vibes.
  7. Sleep Deprivation
    by Mindex
  8. STHLM
    by Geech Гиычь
  9. Jeebus Crost - Single
    by Gnarly Coleslaw
  10. Canada Line - a musical suite in real time
    by Lee Rosevere
  11. Kintsukuroi
    by Taylor Eruysal
    Unexplored Horizons Unexplored Horizons
    A true Kintsukuroi to my soul.
  12. The 4 Horsemen Of The Electrocalypse: The Black Horse
    by Bluetech
  13. Square Wave Symphony
    by Gors
  14. Impesanteur
    by Le Xowar
  15. Wandering Floor
    by Dimeback
  16. EvenTides
    by Wurtz
  17. Highway $FFFF
    by NecroPolo
  18. Floret
    by Knasibas
  19. Zones: Act 1
    by Saskrotch
  20. saved data
  21. Ruby Drifts
    by Little Alaska
  22. CRY
    by Knasibas
    I am Yai7 and would not mind the Sad version too!
  23. JET BUSTER Original Soundtrack
  24. The I - N163 Famitracker Album
    by scapegoatnull
    appears in 1 other collection
  25. Memorias y movimientos EP
    by Crab Sound
  26. Psycho Somatic Generation
    by chibi-tech
  27. On the Trail
    by Quantum Optics
  28. Archive Select
    by MisfitChris
  31. Machine Girl - GRLPWR EP
    by Dred Collective
  32. Evaporate LP
    by timmies
    dahlias (ft. carol) dahlias (ft. carol)
  33. New Powers EP
    by Jason Letourneau
  34. q Em R
    by Elegance of the Damned
  35. Album 7
    by James Roach
  36. Pazit
    by Australian Jewish Music Ensemble
    appears in 1 other collection
  37. Noisechan & Nugget: Adventures in Chiptunes
    by Noise Channel Radio
  38. Ruby Dagger
    by Starship Amazing
  39. Internet Girlfriends
    by MisfitChris
  40. Data Tides
    by MisfitChris
  41. Adventures in Pixels
    by Ben Landis
  42. Graveyard Tracks
    by MisfitChris
  43. Famicom Sessions Special Edition
    by MisfitChris
  44. Cat Astro Phi OST
    by Disasterpeace
  45. An Apocalypse In Binary: The Memoirs of Gearhart Deckrion
    by Starship Amazing