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  1. Through Walls
    by Afformance
  2. Applied Oneironautics
    by Deadfile
  3. The City Over the Void
    by Deadfile
  4. The Gyre
    by Carthasy
  5. Apertures
    by Carthasy
  6. Please Make Me Dance
    by The Boy
  7. Ηλιοθεραπεία
    by The Boy
  8. American Unicorn
    by The Boy
  9. Κουστουμάκι
    by The Boy
  10. Synapses
    by Blame the Trees
  11. Desert Overcrowded
    by Tuber
  12. Opposing Forces
    by Hope Thinks Infinite
  13. Subsume
    by Cloudkicker
  14. In a cold embrace
    by Battlestations
  15. Good Luck Mr. Gorsky
    by Good Luck Mr. Gorsky
  16. My machines
    by Inverz
  17. The Place
    by Afformance
  18. Silk
    by The You And What Army Faction
  19. ... and darkness came
    by Various
  20. The Glass/Nails EP
    Awesome work!