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  1. Satan
    by Chainsaw
    Satan Satan
    First slap of the year, and it's Satan giving it to me!! Uncompromising thrash, truly excellent! Grandiose!!🍻🤘⚔
  2. Black Knight
    by Templar
  3. Odes For Victory
    by Ordalia
  4. Domination of the Beast
  5. Violent Primitive Force
    by VAPOUR
  6. Bloodstone - Electrocution
    by Bloodstone
  7. Night Stealer
    by Savaged
  8. Demos 2023
    by Erlking
  9. The Curse
    by Erlking
  10. Sailor on the Seas of Fate
    by Erlking
  11. Metal Warriors
    by Black Mask
  12. The Birth Of Evil Lord (Demo)
    by Burning The Cross
  13. Dominion 1994 Demo Reissue
    by Blasphemer
  14. 1992 Demo Reissue
    by Blasphemer
  15. Marked for Death
    by Blasphemer
  16. The Weird Tapes Sessions
    by Dunwich Ritual
  17. Pyroclastics
    by Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
  18. HWR004 Through The Black Holes Of The Dead (demo)
  19. Skitzo (1st Demo)
    by SKITZO
  20. Skitzo Got Sick - Remastered
    by SKITZO