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  1. PinOut (Original Soundtrack)
    by Douglas Holmquist
    Hypersphere Hypersphere
    My first real experience in Synthwave and still possibly my most favourite album of the genre. The opening theme invites you in with its alluring synths, the middle has some great driving/hard-hitting grooves, and the ending is near ethereal. Bonus tracks are very nice too - Lundgren's vocals are always great, especially on the vocal cover of the title theme, and how 'Deceit' was left out is mind-boggling!
  2. FLATLINE: How the Amiga Languished
    by Ahoy
    Only Amiga Only Amiga
    Such nostalgic variety in such a short amount of time makes it very tricky to pick a favourite off this gem; 'Kickstart 1.0's mechanical sounds, 'Defender of the Crown' and 'Megablast's perky rythym, and 'Only Amiga's chilled slowed vocal sample. This album stands well enough on its own, let alone with the accompanying video (then again I think this can be said for Ahoy's other releases too).
  3. Dream Ending (DATA074)
    by Dream Ending
    Voyaging Voyaging
    I can't remember how many times I've tried to put into words why I love this album, but I feel whatever I type won't ever do it justice - there's just something about these blissful 8 tracks that put you into under a spell of complete tranquility; the way the synths and slow guitar just harmoniously mesh on 'Voyaging', the delays and echoes on 'Stars Appear', the floaty/spacey atmosphere the whole album carries...

    I don't use the term 'perfect' often, but I wholly believe this qualifies.
  4. Breaker (Original Video game Soundtrack) (DATA080)
    by Dubmood
    Breaker B Movement 04 Breaker B Movement 04
    Really good duality to this album - Side A gets your blood pumping with its loud beats and infectious groove, while Side B calms you down somewhat with its more subtle and more atmospheric melodies. Both compliment each other perfectly.
  5. 486DX
    33MHz 33MHz
    33MHz plays like one long epic boss battle, or the grand finale to a film. Each movement builds on the last; all building up, reaching new high points, until eventually hitting its climax after minutes upon minutes of pure synth metal riffage and drums that could be mistaken for flak cannons.

    12:55 onwards for me is peak MBR - the build-up to the final riff simply can't be described with words, it *HAS* to be listened to. Virus.DOS may be my favourite MBR album, but this track takes the cake.
  6. 1985
    by HOME-
  7. Odyssey (Vinyl Edition)
    by HOME
    Tides Tides
  8. Before The Night
    by HOME
    If I'm Wrong If I'm Wrong
  9. Falling Into Place
    by HOME
    This Will Pass This Will Pass
  10. Resting State
    by HOME
  11. Unfinished Portrait
    by Process
    Seersucker Seersucker
  12. Transmissions from Pleiades EP
    by Prism Age
  13. 2020 Visions
    by Chris Doerksen
    Through the Atmosphere Through the Atmosphere
    Chris really knows how to make some chill synth vibes (of which there are many on this compilation album!) along with the odd perkier tracks here and there for good measure/to break up the rhythm, like 'Night Running' and 'Cruisin' Along'. 'Through The Atmosphere' and 'Space Station' is for sure my highlight on this thing - they work so well back to back, with 'Interlude On The Moon' capping them off nicely. I can't wait to hear what else he has in store for us!
  14. Brighter Colours
    by Chris Doerksen
    Return to Form Return to Form
  15. Sunset Eyes
    by Chris Doerksen
    Bubble Bobble Bubble Bobble
  16. Parallax
    by Chris Doerksen
  17. Super Parallax
    by Chris Doerksen
    Lone Signal Lone Signal
  18. Ultra Parallax
    by Chris Doerksen
    We Made It We Made It
    Having heard the genesis of Chris' sound over the last couple of years, I feel like it's coming to fruition on the Parallax albums, especially here on Ultra Parallax. The layers of synth on songs like 'Projection' and 'Creeping In', and the small details like the Gameboy chip sound effects on 'New Groove' really shine well here.
  19. Darker Colours
    by Chris Doerksen
    Underground Underground
    Breaking the mould can often times lead to new avenues of possibility, with Darker Colours being no exception. As the title implies, this EP is more moody and atmospheric than Chris' usual flavour of upbeat and joyous synthwave, giving way to elements of dark ambient and even a bit of dungeon synth. A nice change of pace with a really nice outcome.
  20. Steppe by Steppe
    by Chris Doerksen
    Watch Your Back Watch Your Back
    Continuing with the broody atmosphere Darker Colours started with, Steppe By Steppe leads further down into this descent, offering an even darker aura than before. 'Watch Your Back' stays true to its title - almost feeling like you're being watched ominously from afar. Much like its predecessor, it makes for nice variety within Chris' backcatalog, and contrasts well against the lighter happier tones of 2020 Visions and the Parallax albums Also, that's some great album art...wonder who did it? :P